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Title: SINGLE CHICAS Author: Sandra Lopez

Single Chicas

Inside the Book:

Author: Sandra Lopez
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 163
Genre: Women’s/Short Story Fiction
Single Chicas is a collection of stories about modern Latinas being in, out, and around the zany hurdles of relationships. One woman receives strange calls from a lonely soul, another seeks advice on how to love herself, and another wakes up in a parallel universe to a man she’s never met. These chicas will make painstaking effort to survive the complexities with humor and grace. Once again, L√≥pez dazzles audiences with her brilliantly candid craft. Smart, witty, and funny, these stories will explore the true endurance of singlehood.

My Review
SINGLE CHICAS by Sandra Lopez is an interesting and inspiring collection of stories about modern Latinas and relationships. Now I personally am not a Latina, but I still found the book to be an interesting and inspiring read. Some are more realistic and some are totally outlandish, yet still very entertaining. For instance one woman wakes up in a parallel universe! I mean talk about science fiction! I loved how there were so many different genres within this one book. I think the parallel Universe one was my favorite, but that has more to do with the science fiction nature of the story then the characters themselves. 
I was sent this book for free for only my honest and unbiased review. I welcome both positive and negative feedback.  


The Ghostwriters by [Corrigan, Mickey J.]She's funny, cynical, and kinda crazy, but she knows how to tell a story.

A struggling writer living in Manhattan, Jacy McMasters is the first to admit she's a terrific liar and a screw-up. Then the ghost of the famous novelist JD Balinger asks her to "channel" a follow-up to his classic coming of age book, The Watcher in the Sky. Along with her new boyfriend, a bear of a man who has no patience for mind games, the ghost in Jacy's head forces her to confront a lifetime of secrets—dark secrets. Secrets she's been keeping from herself.
Originally from Boston, Mickey J. Corrigan lives and writes and gets into trouble in South Florida, where the men run guns and the women run after them. 
Mickey J. Corrigan

Mickey writes spicy fiction with a sense of humor. The men run cool and deep. The women are tough and can take care of themselves, thank you. But most find time for the deserving lover in between creating dream protection software, learning the art of professional grieving, morphing into gorillas, busting billion dollar hedge funds, and other everyday activities.

Mickey's work has been compared to the Matrix and the Twilight Zone, so don't expect to sit back and coast on any of these wild fictional rides. And watch out for the mindblow twists, they're around every corner.

Interview with Mickey J. Corrigan, Author of The Ghostwriters

What inspired you to write this book?
The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger is one of my all-time favorite novels. When the author died in 2010, I wondered if his estate would release the novels he had held back from publication during his lifetime. Rumors had circulated for years about a sequel to his classic story about a young man hanging out in Manhattan while slowly (and somehow hilariously) falling apart. In 2013, a documentary on the reclusive author was released and the producers claimed his unpublished novels would follow. So far, they haven't. 

In my novel The Ghostwriters, a young writer meets the ghost of the famous novelist JD Balinger, who convinces her to help him write a sequel to his classic novel The Watcher in the Sky. Jacy McMasters has some issues she's dealing with, and they come to a head while she's ghostwriting with her ghost.

Did you ever consider writing yourself into your book?
I have done quite a bit of ghostwriting, some for minor celebrities. I can imagine what it would be like to ghostwrite with a top author. Not easy, no matter whether he (or she) were alive or dead! But this is Jacy's story. None of it is from my own life.

Who was your favorite character and why?
I admire the toughness of Jacy, and her struggles as a woman and a writer are familiar. Being independent, following your instincts, feeling confused, doing the wrong things in the search for an authentic life, we all deal with that in our lives. I also like Jacy's family. Writing about her crazy mean mother was fun. Who doesn't know a critical mom like that? Jacy's roommate at Renew is a great character, full of surprises. Then there's Jacy's boyfriend. What a cool guy. Love him.

Were there any characters that you did not like?
Jacy's mother is not the nicest person, but I still like her. JD is annoying and kind of a perv. And there's the skinny model at Renew. What a bitch! But I like my bad guys. They have soul, even when they lack kindness.

What made you choose to write a book on this topic?
I work as a ghostwriter and it's challenging. You have to please clients who want a very particular book written. They are imagining the story like a movie in their own mind. Or they are remembering their lives like a film. To translate that and bring it to life on the page is difficult. I also had family drama as a young person, so I know what it feels like to try to heal and move on when you are in your 20s.

Did you base any of the characters on real people?
JD Balinger, the famous author of the story, is based on J.D. Salinger, the author of The Catcher in the Rye, a classic book we all read in high school. He died in 2010.

What made you decide to become an author?
I've been publishing books for many years, first college textbooks, then educational books for high school students, then poetry, short stories, and novellas, now novels. It's been a process that has evolved over time.

What advice would you give to your readers?
Read books! Buy books! Support your local authors! Keep on reading.

My Review
The Ghostwriters is a title that is a very interesting a funny play on words because not only does main character Jacy McMasters act as a ghost writer in the novel, but she is in fact a ghost writer for a ghost. This is a brand new concept that I have never seen before and it interested me as soon as I read the description of the book. I was very happy to get the opportunity to review this book and boy was I NOT disappointed. The book is a mix of supernatural ,mystery, and humor that are all blended together perfectly. My favorite aspect of the book was the main character Jacy McMasters. I really liked how Jacy McMasters devolved as a character throughout the book as she came in to herself more and more with each page turn.

I was sent this book for free for only my honest and unbiased review. I welcome both positive and negative feedback. 

Tomorrows Child by Anthony Mayor

Tomorrows Child by Anthony Mayor is an action, science fiction, thriller, science fiction novel with aliens. Tomorrows Child by Anthony Mayor is a book that will appeal most to a mixed audience of adults and young adults who enjoy first alien encounter books. Tomorrows Child by Anthony Mayor is a book that is set during a first contact experience with aliens; however the twist is that the aliens are in fact the children of humanity. Tomorrows Child by Anthony Mayor follows Daniel as he has been recalled to the Copernicus Space Station two years after he last left the station; Daniel and his team are tasked with the study of a new facet of human evolution.

Tomorrows Child by Anthony Mayor is a completely new and unique take on an alien first encounter; the idea that the aliens are the children of humanity is something I have never read before. The suspense with if the newborn and the question of whether the children should be allowed to grow into their abilities or if they will be snatched away and simply used for their abilities kept be on the edge of my seat. I simply could not put Tomorrows Child by Anthony Mayor down so I ended up reading the whole book in one sitting!

 "Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite"

The Starlight Club 8: Elvis: Scarface, Goodfellas, Mob Guys & Hitmen by Joe Corso

           "Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite"

The Starlight Club 8: Elvis: Scarface, Goodfellas, Mob Guys & Hitmen by Joe Corso is a historical fiction novel following Elvis. The Starlight Club 8: Elvis: Scarface, Goodfellas, Mob Guys & Hitmen by Joe Corso is a book that will appeal most to an audience made up of adults who remember Elvis and young adults interested in Elvis and the possibility of a faked death. The Starlight Club 8: Elvis: Scarface, Goodfellas, Mob Guys & Hitmen by Joe Corso is based off of the idea that Elvis had come to hate his fame with how he could not go anywhere as just an ordinary person as he was always followed or recognized. This problem led Elvis to seek out a solution that would unchain him from his fame with millions of dollars in the bank he could utilize the resources of his fame to fake his death and break his chains.

The Starlight Club 8: Elvis: Scarface, Goodfellas, Mob Guys & Hitmen by Joe Corso had a bit of a slow start, but as soon as Elvis entered the plot line it sped up and became interesting really fast. I never really has an interest in Elvis so the book did not interest me on an Elvis level, but instead as a story of mystery and intrigue with how a celebrity could fake their death to escape their fame. I found that atmosphere of the novel to be unique and with each page read it reeled be in tighter and tighter until I just had to keep reading to find out the conclusion.

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Journey Out of Fat, Dumb, and Ugly

Book Description:

Are you tired of living your life according to the labels that have been slapped onto you? Do you feel you are always pressured to conform to other people’s ideas of who they believe you are? Do you feel destined to live a life of mediocrity and unhappiness, despite the fact that you know you are meant for something bigger?

Journey Out of Fat, Dumb, and Ugly by Cherie EstevesIf you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will easily identify with journey.Journey is a lost and tortured soul on a personal quest to escape the physical, mental and emotional servitude of the unfair labels, invisible barriers, and dire consequences of a lifetime of decisions made out of fear and feelings of inferiority. Journey’s Path to freedom is a dramatic, tear-jerking, yet funny roller-coaster ride that beautifully demonstrates how to:
  • Change the directions of your thoughts and life.
  • Use the power of your pain to discover and serve your life purpose.
  • Eliminate toxic relationships and self-sabotaging behavioral patterns.

​You have the power to remove whatever labels have been placed on you. If you know there’s more to you than meets the eye, and you’re determined to break free of a lifetime of painful stereotypes and a mediocre, dissatisfied existence, then this book is our key to opening the door to the exceptional life that you always imagined.

Buy the Book:  Author's Website

Author's Bio:

headshotCherie Esteves was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, the city she so affectionately calls her first love. There she was deeply rooted and heavily influenced by the rich, diverse crosspollination of the European American culture that makes New Orleans one of the most unique and intriguing cities in the world. Cherie moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1989, where she raised her two beautiful children and has continued to live for over twenty years. Her production company’s name, Creole Peach Productions, was born out of her alliance to both cities.

Connect with the author:  Website  ~  Twitter  ~ Facebook

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Fabricated by Megan Jacobs

 Fabricated by Megan Jacobs is a young adult science fiction novel with some fantasy elements mixed in. Fabricated by Megan Jacobs is a book that will appeal most to an audience made up of a mix of young adult females and adult females. Fabricated by Megan Jacobs follows high school student Evelynn as she lives her daily life until she begins to notice discrepancies that inferring with her life. Enter fixers Liam and Isaac who are tasked with making sure people don’t realized that their entire lives are constructed from code and they have actually been in a state of unconsciousness.

Move over Matrix and make room for Fabricated by Megan Jacobs! Fabricated by Megan Jacobs is really a lot like the Matrix series in that the people are living is a state of unconsciousness and their lives are actually code. However from there the two plot lines split entirely as the fixers are real people and not machines and the main character is a strong female character. Evelynn life used to just be a constant annoyance with how her parents have become tired of her and her own peers feel intimidated by her; all this is caused by her desire to live her life the way she wants no matter what. I really liked the fact that I got to understand the perspectives of both Evelynn and the fixers (Liam and Isaac); this is what really set Fabricated by Megan Jacobs both apart and above the Matrix series. I am very glad I decided to read Fabricated by Megan Jacobs and I really hope Megan continues to write more book set in this universe!

"Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite"

The Indian by Barry Kienzle

The Indian by Barry Kienzle is a young adult coming of age novel with elements of spirituality and religion mixed in. The Indian by Barry Kienzle is a book that will appeal most to an audience made up of primarily young adult boys as well as some adults who enjoy coming of age novels with a younger cast of characters. The Indian by Barry Kienzle follows George and Schmitty during the time between the Great Depression and World War two. George and Schmitty meet an older gentleman who owns an antique 1915 Indian Big Twin motorcycle that is attached to the spirit of its last owner; its last owner happened to be a World War one soldier who was killed during the war.  

The Indian by Barry Kienzle was a well written novel that has some elements of mystery and supernatural mixed in its pages. The very first mystery that pulled me in was how the antique 1915 Indian Big Twin motorcycle could be in pristine running condition after not having been touched in over five years. That one scene is really what pulled me in to The Indian by Barry Kienzle. I really enjoyed the characters of George and Schmitty they both had their own unique personalities that were perfectly crafted for their age and background. The dialogue was written perfectly and it all flowed naturally it didi not sound scripted instead it sounded realistic for both the characters and the time period. I have to say that I really enjoyed reading The Indian by Barry Kienzle and I hope Barry decides to write a sequel.

 "Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite"