Monday, February 25, 2019

Obsessions of a Djinni

Obsessions of a Djinni

Author: Claudia Herring
Publisher: Caravanserai Publishing
Pages: 374
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
A djinni seduces his master’s young bride, forcing her to make a fateful choice.
A world of mysterious powers and tumultuous intrigues comes to life in Regency England as a djinni, burdened with a dark secret, is thrown into a love triangle fraught with subterfuge.
Will he defeat his nemesis or be betrayed?


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Meet the Author

Claudia Herring
Claudia Herring writes romantic fantasy novels. Her Djinn Chronicles series are set in a world of mysterious powers and tumultuous intrigues fraught with subterfuge. They begin in Regency England where sensible mortals interact in disbelief with djinnis, magicians, sorceresses, and soothsayers.
She would live in a library if she could.
Is afraid of her cat.
If you like Diana Gabaldon or Carol Berg, you’ll love Obsessions of a Djinni.
Twitter: @claudiakherring


My Review
Obsessions of a Djinni was exactly my kind or romance with how it had supernatural elements as well as a sense of suspense through out the story line. It reminded me a little of the books I have read in the past with a djinn, yet it was also very different from those book as it had a romance that was unique. 

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