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MILES AND THE SOLDIER (An Acre Story, Book 2) by G.J. Kemp

 MILES AND THE SOLDIER (An Acre Story, Book 2) by G.J. Kemp

Book Details:

Book Series Title: MILES AND THE SOLDIER (An Acre Story, Book 2) by G.J. Kemp
Category:  Adult Fiction (18 +), 474 pages
Genre:  Epic Fantasy
Publisher:  TB5 Publishing
Release date:   June 2022
Formats Available for Review: print - softback (USA and Canada), e-book (Gifted Kindle, MOBI FILE (FOR KINDLE), EPUB, PDF, Book Funnel Download, NetGalley Download
Tour dates: Sep 6 to Oct 17, 2022
Content Rating:  PG for a few fight scenes.  
Book Description:

The front door swung open. The icy blast of air hit Miles full in the face. For the first time in months, a smile played across his lips. Freedom.

Miles knows his life changed when the Lady’s sword cut deep into his back. He knows he’ll never achieve his lifelong dream.

Then a stab of joyous pain slices down his leg. With renewed hope, Miles leaves behind the shackles of Dr Viktor’s house and travels east, to the training grounds of the Queen’s Guard.

Will Miles get the chance to compete for a place? And will they accept him in the warrior’s holy ground of Battleacre?

​The Acre Story follows Miles’s journey through the eastern lands as our epic fantasy continues.

Author G.J. Kemp
Meet the Author:

A nomad at heart, GJ has lived in nine countries across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. His career has included working as a Divemaster in The Red Sea, a zookeeper in Israel, and a proofreader in Sweden.

Born with cerebral palsy, GJ has spent a lifetime trying to tie his shoelaces while standing up in the hope of not falling over. It is a constant challenge, but sometimes he occasionally succeeds.

​Finding the love for writing later in life, GJ spends most of his free time going for walks and dreaming of story ideas. He hopes to one day have a small place on the oceanfront where he can walk his dogs on the beach.

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My Review
MILES AND THE SOLDIER (An Acre Story, Book 2) by G.J. Kemp was a great second book to the An Acre Story series! I really liked seeing Miles in this I enjoyed watching him develop as a warrior and as a character and I would love it if the author chose to write some more novellas for the series!

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