Monday, December 18, 2017

It's Never Game Over

Inside the Book

Author: Cristina G.
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 145 ebook/268 paperback
Genre: Nonfiction/Self-Help
It’s the end of the year but you have the impression it’s the end of your life?
Start the New Year with a plan. Don’t make a resolution, make a habit!
Whatever your situation might be now, you have the power to change it.
  • Depression can be overcome.
  • You can lose weight and find love.
  • You can heal and transform your life.
Believe you’re happy, and you’re half way there.



Meet the Author

Cristina G. was born in Romania during one of the harshest communist regimes that ever existed.
The tenth child of a farmer’s family, she has six sisters and used to have four brothers, now only two.
Aged eight, she read Les Misérables by Victor Hugo and fell irremediably in love with books. Since then she kept dreaming of writing for many years, and she wrote a lot, but never thought of publishing.
In 2012, after living in Italy for ten years, Cristina became a blogger.
In June of 2014, with the help of a British friend, she moved to the UK. Here, although her expectations were not great, Cristina fulfilled the dream she never dared to dream before.
Cristina G. is now a registered author and dedicates her life to writing focusing on human behaviour, emotions and feelings.
Her latest book is the self-help/nonfiction, It’s Never Game Over.



My Review
It's Never Game Over was an interesting self-help book. As a psychology student I found the book to be both useful and helpful as it gave me a different perspective on issues that I was studying out of a dry text book. This book made those issues more real and helped me to get a better grasp on how people can overcome them.

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