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Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko


I was sent a free copy of Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko for a honest and unbiased review of Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko.
"Let us immerse into five imaginary and yet quite believable and relatable mythologies narrated by very mesmerizing Muses. The first to get you plunging are vocal melodies about strength, wonderment, and hope. The second is a struggle between love and its mirrored-self – an inevitable discovery of what true love is and how imitation fails to grasp its pure essence.
— Nadia Gerassimenko
The third are tales chanted forlornly by Sirens about love and loss and the unattainable, all lost in the abysmal sea. The fourth, less melancholy but profound nonetheless, are words of wisdom to live by from our Mother Nature. And lastly, you come to meet the Moonchild…a part of her inner world and dreams she dared to share."
— Nadia Gerassimenko

Nadia Gerassimenko

Nadia Gerassimenko hold writing as her foremost passion with photography being a close second. Nadia Gerassimenko enjoys spending her spare time:
  • watching indie movies
  • listening to new wave
  • playing survival horror
  • playing adventure games
  • spending time with her beloved family
Nadia Gerassimenko has a depp love of reading and writing poety even though she does not always get it. Nadia Gerassimenko first book Moonchild Dreams is her debut chapbook. Nadia Gerassimenko wrote Moonchild Dreams to be a collection of poetry that brings the reader into the realms of love, hope, enlightenment, and wisdom.

Nadia never thought she would write. Not until 2004 when she turned 14 that a muse knocked on her door and overwhelmed her with a fiery passion she had to let out. Then she could not stop writing. About hopes and dreams, sorrows, love and passion, childlike philosophies, stories that only happened in her head. Her words were either optimistic or melancholy – a duality she always carried through life.
— Nadia Gerassimenko
As she grew older, however, she wrote less. Not that the flame ever stifled, she was only looking for a way to convey something meaningful not only to herself, but something that many can relate to. In the beginning of 2015, Moonchild Dreams was born. It is a collection of poems she gathered from 2004 to 2015 that show her evolution as a poetess as well as a person from her early teens to adulthood.
— Nadia Gerassimenko

My Favorite Poem in Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko "Lock it up"


As I wrote at the top of this hub "I was sent a free copy of Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko for a honest and unbiased review of Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko."
I enjoy reading poetry from time to time; I am not one of those people who live it a breath it day in and day out, but I do enjoy the poems that truly touch your heart. My favorite type of poetry tends to be animal poems focused on rainbow bridge, however a close second is the kind that when I read them I almost feel like the poem is touching my heart with how well it reflects my own feelings.
What really drove me to give this book of poems a honest try was the back cover the back cover reads " You can bend me as you please To get to the heart of the matter I am the Moonchild, and I dream The night is mine to keep When you cannot tame me". This short little section really pulled me in it made me want to read what else Nadia Gerassimenko may have written and I am glad that I decided to read Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko.
I will not lie and tell you that I enjoyed every single poem in Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko, but I will tell you that I honestly enjoyed most of them. My favorite out of all the poems in Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko is "Lock it up", I just really felt like the poem was speaking directly too me. I recorded a video of "Lock it up" on the right, (please forgive my stumbles I am not exactly a great public speaker). My least favorite poem was "Morphine Dreams", the poem was well written, but it was one of the few that just did not speak to me, instead it left me wondering what the poem was about.
Overall I am glad that I read Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko and I plan to keep the book to re-read from time to time. Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko is a must have for any poetry lover Nadia Gerassimenko will truly entice you in with her wonderful writing from page one. After reading Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko I am left with a sense of hope that Nadia Gerassimenko will continue to write and publish her poems.

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