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Inside the Book

Author: M.T. Ellis
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 340
Genre: Crime Thriller


Emily thought her ordeal was over after she escaped a brutal kidnapping. She’s wrong. He’s coming for her again.
The body Detective Rose is looking at bears a striking resemblance to Emily, a woman who survived a horrific, sexually motivated abduction five years ago. Her fear is confirmed when Emily goes missing again.
When another woman, Grace, is abducted, Detective Rose finds herself doubting the instincts that tell her the disappearance is the result of intimate partner violence. She connects the cases and recruits Grace’s partner, Ethan, to help in the search. Together they must find Grace and Emily before it’s too late.


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Meet the Author

Photograph by Naomi Joy Photography
M.T. Ellis is a Brisbane/ Lockyer Valley-based author. Her debut crime thriller, Azrael, won Bronze in the 2018 Independent Publisher Book Awards, Suspense/Thriller Catagory. Her short story, The Ballerina in the Box, was short-listed in the Australian Writers’ Centre Furious Fiction Competition. Two of M.T. Ellis’s stories made it onto a billboard during the Queensland Writers Centre’s 8 Word Story competition.
Her dogs, Opal, Zeus and Matilda, occupy a lot of her time. She would write books about their adventures if she thought people were even half as interested in them as she is.
M.T. Ellis is an Australian Writers’ Centre graduate, freelance writer and journalist. The second novel in her Detective Allira Rose Series will be out on October 1, 2018.
Her latest book is the crime thriller, Azrael.




My Review
Azrael was a well written book that had my attention locked in from the very first page and held my attention to the very last page. Detective Rose was a driven character willing to do what ever it took in order to find and rescue the two abducted women before it was too late. Overall, I greatly enjoyed the mystery and thrills this book had to offer and I hope the author decided to continue writing in this genre. 

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