Thursday, September 13, 2018

No End of Bad by Ginny Fite

No End of Bad by Ginny Fite

Book Details:

Book Title: No End of Bad by Ginny Fite
Category:  Adult Fiction; 280 pages
Genre:  Thriller
Publisher: Black Opal Books
Release date:  June 2018
Content Rating: PG-13 (Contains cursing, violence, non-explicit sex but NO adultery, abortion, etc.)

Book Description: 

​A DC conspiracy novel of grand proportions...

Washington, DC, housewife Margaret Turnbull's world literally blows up after her husband, FBI agent Clay Turnbull, is falsely arrested and killed by agents working for an international drug cartel.

Unbeknownst to Margaret, her enemy's tentacles reach all the way to the White House and control senior personnel. Their powerful enterprise in jeopardy, the assassins will stop at nothing to cover their tracks. With cutting-edge surveillance--CIA, FBI, and NSA technology--there is nowhere to hide, no one to trust. No one is safe--anywhere.
Ginny Fite
Meet the Author:

​Ginny Fite is the author of the dark mystery/thrillers Cromwell's Folly, No Good Deed Left Undone, and Lying, Cheating, and Occasionally Murder, as well as a funny self-help book on aging, I Should Be Dead by Now, a collection of short stories, What Goes Around, and three books of poetry. She resides in Harpers Ferry, WV.

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My Review
No End of Bad by Ginny Fite was an enjoyable fast paced book that I ended up enjoying more than I thought I would. This book was an interesting take on the typical federal agent being frames as the agent was killed and it was his wife that was left behind. I loved the twists and turns that kept me from predicting the ending of this book!

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