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Fatal Reunion

Fatal Reunion

Fatal Reunion by Ken Malovos

Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 284
Genre: Legal Thriller
Jason Robinson attends his 20th high school reunion where he connects with his old girlfriend. The next day she is dead and he is charged with her murder. He asks attorney Mike Zorich to represent him. Mike feels that the case against Jason is week, even though Jason has given inconsistent statements and some emails emerge that give him a motive to commit murder.
Meanwhile, Mike is trying to cope with his own problem with alcohol. After his friends confront him, he enters rehabilitation and then begins his own investigation into what really happened at the reunion, exposing dirty secrets that leave families and lives ruined with their disclosure.

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Book Excerpt:
The phone  rang  at the suburban home of attorney Mike Zorich around one- thirty on a Sunday afternoon in October. Mike put down the crossword puzzle and hit the mute button on his remote. He could still watch the San Francisco 49er football game as the players ran around silently on the screen.

He wondered who would be calling him at this hour.

“Mr. Zorich, how are you? This is Detective Tom Kirkland, Sacramento P.D.”

“Detective Kirkland, it’s been some time since we spoke.”

“I understand you spent last night talking to the reunion party at the Sheraton.”

“I did, but how would you know that?”

“I have one of the alums here at the station and he told me all about it. In fact, he would like to talk to you. His name is Jason Robinson. We have him on an open homicide investigation. Okay?”

“Yeah, sure. Put him on.”

There was a pause and a couple of clicks on the other end of the line.

“Mr. Zorich, I need some help. Can you help me?   My name is Jason Robinson. I was at the reunion dinner last night. They have me down here and they say that I am a suspect in a murder. But I didn’t do it. Can you come down here and get me out of here?  I don’t have a lot of money but I will pay you. I promise. I heard you speak last night at our reunion dinner. You have to help me.”

“Where exactly are you now? Is there anyone near you?”

“I’m at the police station in a small room. I’m by myself. They won’t say what is going to happen to me.”

“Okay. Who was murdered?  Do you know?”

“Yes, it’s Lori McDonald. She’s a former classmate of mine. She was at the dinner last night too.”

“Has Kirkland talked to you yet?”

“Yeah, but just for a few minutes. I was hoping to clear it all up and maybe they would let me go. Now I’m not too sure about that.”

“All right. Sit tight. I will be right down. Just don’t talk any more. Tell them you talked to me and I said that you were not allowed to talk to anyone. Got that?  Blame me. Tell them that the lawyer said you can’t talk to anyone.”

“Yeah, I’ve got that.”

“Do you have relatives or friends nearby?”

“My parents live in Carmichael  and my wife and I live in Los Altos. Down in the Bay Area. That’s where we live.”

“Okay. Have you called her yet?”

“No, I just got the one phone call. They said I could call a lawyer and I don’t know any lawyers. I just remembered you from last night so I asked to call you.”

“Okay. I will be right there. Just don’t talk with anyone until I get there. Got that?”


“I mean no one.”

About the Author

Ken Malovos has been practicing law in Sacramento for more than forty years. He spent twelve years in the Public Defender’s Office and twenty-five years as a business litigator. He now serves full-time as a mediator and arbitrator. This is his second novel. His first, Contempt of Court, won first prize in the legal genre of the 2014 Chanticleer Book Review Competition. He and his wife, Michele, live in Sacramento.

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My Review

I have always been a fan of any type of book that focuses on cops, killers, and Agents. This book was bit different because it was written from multiple perspectives. There are chapters that focus on the Lawyer and the main Suspect. I found it interesting to read about the murder case from the perspective of a lawyer. I found the law enforcement officers depicted in this book to be somewhat incompetent in that the main suspect was the only suspect they investigated for the murder. Real cops would hopefully investigate other possible suspect before an arrest. It shows how little leg work the cops did from the fact that the lawyer was able to come up with several possible suspects that had motive that the cops never investigated. Had the cops investigated the other suspects that plot line of the book would have been very different and it might not have been as focused on the lawyer, however I would have still prefered it that way. Overall the book moved at a moderate pace and would be an interesting thriller for anyone who enjoys murder books.  I was sent a free copy of this book for only my honest and unbiased review.

Editorial Reviews

  1. Warning, once you start reading you won't want to stop! From the opening pages to the final climax, this book is a nonstop roller coaster ride of thrills, danger, action, and drama. I liked that it wasn't predictable and you can tell that the author really knows what he is writing about, as the language and actions are very authentic for a convincing police procedural and courtroom/legal drama. As far as the plot is concerned I give it five stars easy. I liked that is seemed believable and not contrived, and that it wasn't easy to figure out the mystery. Ken Malovos shows great passion and talent and can obviously spin a compelling tale. Recommend for fans who enjoy a thrilling ride. (5 stars)Darlene Cupp-- Goodreads Reviewer. 
  2. I was hooked from the first paragraph of "Fatal Reunion" and my interest never wavered for a moment! I loved the creative and strong characters and plots that continued to build and shock and surprise, and I thought Zorich was a great lead, flawed and resourceful and passionate. Just when you think you know what's happening, something comes along to throw a wrench in it. This is good because I HATE books that are super predictable. And this one isn't. Although there are some familiar themes and tropes at play, the author brings a unique voice and makes it all his own. I appreciated the brisk pace and the vivid, descriptive details and strong word choice that really brought the story to life - accurate world building and authentic character development is absolutely crucial in selling a convincing story and it is done quite nicely here. Will be interested in seeing where this series and our leads go. Recommend for anyone who enjoys a well-written, original legal thriller with unexpected twists.(5 stars) Laura Clarke-- Barnes & Noble Reviewer.
  3. "Fatal Reunion" By Ken Malovos was awesome! I haven't read anything like that in a long time, if ever. For once it seemed like the characters were anything but the stock, ordinary typical hero/protag guys, but instead all had demons, motivations, secrets, and I thought the whole courtroom process was pretty cool too. As I was reading I was trying to figure out the 'truth' and then I was totally wrong and I liked that! There are some really unexpected things that happen that you REALLY don't expect to happen to a main character, and I wasn't sure how it would play out after that... I have some mixed feelings but I think it works. Was wondering how the author would wrap it all up, but in the end it all came together to create a fresh-feeling novel that was out of the ordinary and kept me totally hooked throughout. This is a great addition to what looks to be a promising series and when the next comes out I'll be reading it! (5 stars) Jhonni Parker-- Indie Book Reviewer.
  4. I'll admit that "Fatal Reunion" wouldn't be my normal type of read (I'm more of a fantasy and romance gal) but I've been wanting to read more out of my comfort zone lately and expand my tastes... the premise and sample looked intriguing so I thought I'd give it a chance. I'd so glad I did! It was far more exciting than I would've guessed, and I found myself flipping the pages as fast as I could to see what would happen. I was totally wrapped up in the drama and liked the courtroom scenes and really felt like I was part of the whole experience, from Jason's arrest tot he investigation to the trial...there were some really shocking twists that you "really" don't expect with the characters, and I liked how everything came full circle at the end, it was weirdly bittersweet. This was a quick read with lots of exciting twists and turns, and I think that Ken Malovos made a legal thriller-novel fan out of me! (5 stars) EssieHarmon-- Goodreads Reviewer..

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