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The Ghost by Henry Kellerman

Book Details:

Book Title: The Ghost by Henry Kellerman
Category:  Adult Fiction, 266 pages
Genre:  Mystery/ Thriller, Historical Fiction
Publisher:  Barricade Books
Release date:  August 7, 2018
Content Rating: PG-13

Book Description:

Assassinations, a love story, a kidnapping, and many twists and turns characterizes this riveting novel of historical fiction, circa 1958, thirteen years post World War II.

Events are uncovered where The Ghost, a powerful Vatican Bishop, is sending assassins to retrieve a secret tailpiece – a hidden extension of the 1942 Wannsee Conference Papers that underpinned the Holocaust against Jews. Only two copies of this tailpiece remain where names of thousands of high level Nazis such as Eichmann and Mengele are listed along with their future destinations – should Germany lose the war.

At the same time, New York City detectives working with British M16 secret service, and Israeli Mossad agents, get Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal and his group, (including an Israeli sanctioned killer) involved in order to find and send the crucial coded microfilm to England’s renowned decryption center. Now, in 1958, these Jewish Nazi hunters will not forgive and not forget.

This story is newsworthy testimony regarding the villains who are actual historical figures and are named. Fitting it all together (as in the screenplay based on the story titled: “We Will Find You,”) is the avenging drama of the novel.

Meet the Author:

Dr. Henry Kellerman, psychologist/psychoanalyst/author, is a practitioner in New York City. His more than 50 years of treating individuals with a host of humanity's psychological/emotional struggles as well as his more than 30 books published, is testament to his virtuosity AND SKILL in the telling of compelling stories.

My Review:
The Ghost by Henry Kellerman was a well written historic fiction novel with elements of an awesome thriller and mystery novel that made this book a great fast pace read! I loved the sort of spy feel this book had and I loved the way it always kept me guessing at what would happen next. This book was far from predictable, which made it one of my favorite historic fiction novels!

Spring Thaw

Spring Thaw by Lauren Carr
Book Details:

Book Title: Spring Thaw by Lauren Carr
Category:  Adult fiction, 237 pages
Genre:  Murder Mystery, Short Stories
Publisher:  Acorn Book Services
Release date:  August 12, 2018
Content Rating: PG (mild violence and sexual suggestion)

Book Description:

In today’s hectic world, many whodunit fans don’t have time to get their mystery fix diving into a whole novel. Lauren Carr’s SPRING THAW AND OTHER MYSTERY SHORT STORIES is for these fans—but that doesn’t mean whodunit fans who do have time can’t dive in as well.

A novella, Spring Thaw features retired federal agent Chris Matheson from Lauren Carr’s newest bestselling cold case series. When his late father’s former friend is indicted for the seven year old murder of a church bishop, Chris renews old broken friendships to thaw out the cold case.

Featuring Mac Faraday from Lauren Carr’s popular Mac Faraday Mysteries, an estate auction turns into a deadly affair after Gnarly's antics cause Mac to purchase a gem of a dress, which isn't his color in Killing Bid. (Previously published in Lauren Carr’s BEAUTY TO DIE FOR.)

Beauty to Die For features the Lovers in Crime, Joshua Thornton and Cameron Gates in a race against the Angel of Death to clear the name of a dying woman's son, who was framed for murdering Miss Pennsylvania. (Previously published in BEAUTY TO DIE FOR.)

Countdown to Murder returns to the Lovers in Crime where Cameron and Joshua try to solve the murder of a young pregnant widow before it happens.  (Previously published in BEAUTY TO DIE FOR.)

Mystery fans will see that every dog has his day, especially if that dog is Gnarly. In Lucky Dog, Gnarly helps Mac Faraday to solve the murder of a wealthy society girl.  (Previously published in BEAUTY TO DIE FOR.)

Dog Loving Mystery Fans will get a special treat when they read The Gnarly Rehabilitation Program. In this Gnarly Mystery Short, Bert and Ernie learn the hard way that crime does not pay when they dog nap Gnarly. (Previously published as a bonus feature with A WEDDING AND A KILLING.)

Gnarly, the rambunctious German shepherd, is also features in Lauren Carr’s Christmas short, A Gnarly Christmas. It is Christmas day and Gnarly has been up to his old tricks again. Now he's in the dog house--or rather the boathouse--after stealing the Christmas feast! Moments after Archie and Mac leave Spencer Manor, Gnarly hears a call for help from Rocky, the Maltese down the street. Four assassins for hire have invaded the home of Rocky's elderly owners. While the home invaders wait for instructions from a mysterious caller, Gnarly must plot to stop them. Can Gnarly save Christmas with only the help of an 8-pound Maltese dressed in an elf suit? (Previously published as a single short story by the same name.)

Praise for Lauren Carr's books:

Lauren Carr is a master storyteller who combines the humor of Janet Evanovich and the investigative skills of Patricia Cornwell. She is always at the top of my reading list." 
- Sherry Fundin, Fundinmental

"Lauren Carr could give Agatha Christie a run for her money!"
- Charlene Mabie-Gamble, Literary R&R

"Lauren Carr's books are never boring, that's for sure. They entertain, give us a good mystery to dig into, keep the reader guessing, give us a few good laughs and make us eager for the next book. Warning: Lauren Carr's series are addictive, so be ready to read more than just one book!"
- Laura Fabiani, Library of Clean Reads

"She is an amazing author that draws you into the story, makes you fall in love with the characters (they feel like family!) and keeps you guessing right to the very end."
- Working Mommy Journal

"Lauren Carr does a good job of moving the quirky storyline along nicely with an abundance of witty dialogue.  And you have no idea who the good guys are and who the bad guys are until the end."
- Every Free Chance Book Reviews

Lauren Carr
Meet the Author:

Lauren Carr is the international best-selling author of the Mac Faraday, Lovers in Crime, and Thorny Rose Mysteries—over twenty titles across three fast-paced mystery series filled with twists and turns!

Now, Lauren has added one more hit series to her list with the Chris Matheson Cold Case Mysteries. Set in the quaint West Virginia town of Harpers Ferry, Ice introduces Chris Matheson, a retired FBI agent, who joins forces with other law enforcement retirees to heat up those cold cases that keep them up at night.

Book reviewers and readers alike rave about how Lauren Carr’s seamlessly crosses genres to include mystery, suspense, crime fiction, police procedurals, romance, and humor.

​Lauren is a popular speaker who has made appearances at schools, youth groups, and on author panels at conventions. She lives with her husband, and three dogs on a mountain in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Connect with the author: Website  ~  Twitter  ~  Facebook  ~  Instagram

My Review

I was super excited to read Spring Thaw, especially because I just recently finished reading Crimes Past by Lauren Carr (make sure to checkout my review of that book as well). As I had just finished a Lauren Carr book I was in the mood to jump head first into another one so much so that I ended up devouring this one in just one day. While I liked all of the stories the ones that featured by all time favorite character, Gnarly, were by far my favorite, but then when you are a dog lover it is hard not to immediately love Gnarly. 

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Inside the Book

Twelve Days
Author: Hope Waters
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 212
Genre: Romance
Zoey Blake is having a perfect holiday season. Finals are over and it’s time to head home for Christmas, but when she wins the Hartbreakers True Love contest to join them on their tour, she has a chance to follow her favorite band for twelve days — and twelve steamy nights.
Mackenzie has been a player since and joining Hartbreakers has only edged up his game, that is until he meets Zoey. She’s turned his world upside down and only she can make it right. Now all he has to do is convince her to stay with him forever. For a guy like Mack, that shouldn’t be too hard but it’s gonna take all he has and twelve days to win her true love.




Meet the Author

Hope Waters has been writing romance for over thirty years, traveling the globe but finally finding true love and now lives in Florida with her family.


Website Address:

My Review
TWELVE DAYS had an awesome main character in Zoey Blake. Zoey Blake was a character I could understand and feel for. I really loved the romance as it felt real and heartfelt and I could not help, but hope that the two ended up sticking together.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Inside the Book

The Sheltering Palms
Preston Howard
Preston Howard Press
Pages: 519
Fictional Autobiography/Historical Fiction/Satire

Renowned police labor lawyer, Preston Howard, reached a watershed in his life—a forced retirement from the firm he built from the ground up and a cancer diagnosis. These two events made him take a step back and reflect over a life that had at times been hilarious, irreverent, self-mocking, eerie and even a bit, make that, quite lewd.
A family of unique characters guided the lawyer’s formative years: a bourbon-swilling, brilliant yet flawed grandfather who mentored the young lad in matters of religion, politics and the quest for knowledge; a psychic mother; an oversexed nanny; an aunt and uncle who fought on the front lines of integration; and a fire-balling uncle who got his fifteen minutes of fame in The Show.
Preston Howard first made his mark as a crime-fighting attorney representing the Tucson Police Department. Then he spent over forty illustrious years as a labor lawyer working with police officers and union leaders and handling the gamut of fascinating, high-profile cases across the country and even in other countries.
His many tall yarns might be viewed by some with the greatest suspicion, but his story-telling is undeniably first-class, witty, and absorbing.
“The best book I’ve ever read about lawyers, cops, and unions.” Bob Helpert, Tucson, Arizona



Meet the Author

Preston Howard
Preston Howard spent his entire career working on behalf of police officers, representing them under adverse circumstances, negotiating contracts to improve officers’ benefits and working conditions, and training police union officials in the art of leadership. He has written numerous books and lectured not only in this country but abroad as well.
His latest book is the fictional autobiography/historical fiction/satire, The Sheltering Palms.
Facebook Address: Preston Howard – Author


My Review
 THE SHELTERING PALMS ended up reminding me a lot of the Lincoln Lawyer book series which I personally enjoyed. I loved how this book had elements of crime and justice in it and that it also had a nice focus on the justice system. Too many book neglect that area. Overall, I really enjoyed this book!


Looking to the Stars from Old Algiers and Other Long Stories Short by Jan Risher

Book Details:

Book Title: Looking to the Stars from Old Algiers and Other Long Stories Short
Author: Jan Risher
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction,  312 pages
Genre:  Memoir/collection of essays that create a narrative
Publisher:  Sans Souci Press, imprint of University of Louisiana Press
Release date:   Oct 9, 2018
Format available for review:  print and ebook (ePUB, PDF)
Willing to send print books to: USA & Canada
Tour dates:  Dec 3 to 14, 2018
Content Rating: G

Book Description:

Jan Risher took the long way to get from Mississippi to Louisiana with stops in between in Slovakia, Mexica, China, Burkina Faso and more than 40 other countries. Since moving to Louisiana, she has been a Sunday columnist for The Daily Advertiser and has written a column every single Sunday since 2002.

Looking to the Stars from Old Algiers and Other Long Stories Short is the collection of columns written over 15 years. Arranged in chronological order, the collection creates a narrative of one woman's aim to build her family, build up her community and weave the stories and lessons learned from the past into the present.

From her family's move to Louisiana, adoption of a daughter from China, covering Hurricane Katrina, travels near and far, author Jan Risher attempts, sometimes failing and sometimes succeeding, to do her small part to make the world a better place.
Jan Risher
Meet the Author:

Jan Risher is an award-winning journalist and investigative reporter. She was managing editor of The Times of Acadiana. Before and after her time as a full-time journalist, she was an English teacher. She has taught English near and far, in its most basic and most lyrical forms. She continues her career as a freelance writer and now owns Shift Key, a content marketing and public relations firm. She, her husband and their two daughters have made their home on the banks of the Vermilion River.

Connect with Jan: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Pinterest ~ Instagram
My Review
Looking to the Stars from Old Algiers and Other Long Stories Short was a well written non-fiction book that I found to be an enjoyable and worthwhile read. Jan Risher wrote and interesting book about her life and career that I really liked. Jan Risher  came across as the type of person who really wants to help others without any ulterior motive. I found that this gave me hope that one day the world could in fact be a better place.

Tammy The Little Cat With A Big Attitude

Tammy The Little Cat With A Big Attitude by Liane Carter

Book Details:

Book Title: Tammy The Little Cat With a Big Attitude by Liane Carter
Category:  Adult Non-fiction, 140 pages
Genre:  Pets / Memoir (told from cat's perspective)
Publisher:  Independently published
Release date:  September 28, 2018
Content Rating: PG (mild language - hell used three times like 'What the hell'. 'Bloody' used 6 times)

Book Description:

I was snatched from my mum when I was only two weeks old, and what happened next was bigger than any kitten could imagine.

"A gently witty and charming story which draws the reader in from the word 'go' to a truly entrancing feline perspective on human well-intentioned but frequently misguided behaviour when taking on a new pet."
- Mary Ashton, retired veterinary surgeon

"A heart-warming story that really has unique perspective on the ever-important animal-human bond (and how our pets really feel about us)."
- Sommer Pari, licensed veterinary technician
Darcy The Dog Who Talked by Liane Carter
Book Details:

Book Title: Darcy The Dog Who Talked by Liane Carter
Category:  Adult Non-fiction, 152 pages
Genre:  Pets / Memoir (told from dog's perspective)
Publisher:  Independently published
Release date:  June 18, 2018

​Book Description:

I'd never adopted a dog before. I had no idea what to do and this dog needed someone who did. An abused dog and a clueless human, we embarked on a journey of love, struggles and joy.

"Every abandoned Darcy dog needs a Liane." 
- Teresa Roberts, Veterinary Nurse, Hertfordshire, England

Liane Carter
Meet the Author:

Devoted to giving her readers smiles, tears and tension in both her poignant non-fiction and fast-paced fantasy adventures, Liane Carter bares her soul. Author of The Chronicles of Joya, The Dream Devils, Darcy: The Dog Who Talked and Tammy: The Little Cat With A Big Attitude, she has written features and a weekly column for Costa Blanca News, articles for Writing Magazine, and has taught over 150 writing workshops. She pours her innate joy into her books and also expresses it in nature, playing instruments, creating art and dancing.

Connect with Liane: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Pinterest

The Agony of Writing from the Heart

During the process of writing and editing Darcy: The Dog Who Talked I
wondered - more than once - if the book would ever be finished, and if I
would be finished off by the end of it. I had an image of my husband
finding me lying in a pool of my own spittle, too exhausted to function
having given too much of me to the manuscript.
I started it just after Darcy died, some people telling me it would be
cathartic, another telling me to capture the memories while they were
still fresh. The memories were gaping wounds in my heart so, yes, you
could say fresh. Too fresh. From start to finish it took four years.
Writing the first draft, I sobbed and howled not to have her at my side
with her head resting on my foot as she often would be when I wrote. I
would grin and laugh at her recounting her side of things and what we
shared, yet I couldn’t control the crying. It came from nowhere and
consumed me everywhere. One day while writing, I wailed so loudly a
neighbour rang the bell to see if I was okay. I wasn’t, and if she couldn’t
come in my head and take out the information and write the book for
me, she couldn’t help me either.
What surprised me is the grief didn’t ease. And talking of ease, my
editors did not make it easy. When I finished the first draft, rewrite and
edit, I sent it off to my first readers. They loved it, wowed about it,
laughed and cried while they read it, and so I dared to hope the editors
would like it too, that I wouldn’t have much editing or rewriting. I was
They did love it, said it must have been so hard to write. But, but ….
they wanted more: more stories, more words, more Darcy. They had
fallen in love with her - I know the feeling. And this made them greedy
for more. They said the readers would be the same. Not only that, I had
other things to resolve in the manuscript, one of the biggest being the
order of events. In my grief I had things out of sequence and my first
readers and I hadn’t noticed because we had all been caught up in
spending time with Darcy again.

The editing and line-editing seemed a monumental task yet slowly, step
by step, I did it and am so glad I did. To receive emails that the book is
making people smile and laugh out loud and cry is a wonderful gift for a
bookworm to give to other readers. I’m so grateful.

My Review of Tammy The Little Cat With A Big Attitude:
Tammy The Little Cat With A Big Attitude was a well written book that was cute, memorable, and unique. I loved that this book was a memoir told from the perspective of a cat instead of a person.I greatly enjoyed this change of perspective norm as it made the book a worthwhile read. If it had been all written from the human's perspective I most likely would have found it to be boring; instead the author did a great job in using both perspectives throughout the book! 

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Bargaining with the Billionaire Bodyguard

Inside the Book

Bargaining with the Billionaire Bodyguard
Author: Lisa Weaver
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 244
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Having miraculously survived the bombing that blasted his private jet out of the sky, billionaire Donovan White has dedicated his life to the pursuit of justice. Now a covert operative for the Sentinels Agency, he is closing in on the man responsible for the crash. When his mission is nearly botched by a spunky reporter with a score of her own to settle, he reluctantly strikes a bargain with the one woman who just might be capable of decimating his love proof armor.
Reporter Madison Tremaine will do anything to nab the exclusive she must write to secure the promotion she desperately needs—even if it means bargaining with a devilish billionaire. Once burned, twice shy, she has serious reservations about partnering with Donovan, but there’s more than a career upgrade at stake. Her ability to unearth the truth surrounding a newly discovered family secret hinges on the sexy billionaire.
When their quests collide, will their dangerous deal lead to love or will it cost them more than either of them bargained for?




Meet the Author

Lisa Weaver
Lisa Weaver’s love affair with all things literary was sparked the moment she opened the cover of her first book and The Pokey Little Puppy captured her heart. Her tastes have matured since then, but whenever she delves into the pages of a new novel she experiences the same thrill of discovery. Every book is a glorious safari into a world of endless possibilities and inexhaustible inspiration. Since romance is Lisa’s favorite genre to read it was inevitable that, when she was bit by the writing bug, she would choose to pen stories of strong, sexy heroes and bold, beautiful women finding their happily ever afters. She thinks of her stories as fun and flirty romantic romps—like decadently rich cupcakes, heavy on the frosting. She hopes her readers will find her novels every bit as satisfying as dessert.
When she isn’t reading, writing, or plotting more romantic treats, she can be found behind the lens of her camera, in front of a canvas with a paintbrush in hand, or spending time in her garden. She also loves exploring her beautiful home state of Maine. Lisa loves to hear from readers! Please drop by and visit her anytime at her website, You can also keep in touch with the latest Weaver Romance happenings via her Facebook and Twitter pages.
Lisa’s latest book is the romantic suspense, Bargaining with the Billionaire Bodyguard.
Website Address:
Twitter Address:

My Review
I found BARGAINING WITH THE MILLIONAIRE BODYGUARD to be a good romance that was well suited for bed time reading. It had the perfect about of plot and adventure to keep it interesting while still helping me to unwind and relax in order to go to sleep at night. The characters were a nice change from the whole love at first sight thing as their bond seemed to grow in a natural and realistic manner which I liked.