Monday, January 11, 2016

Have Amber -- Will Travel by Keith Vlasak

Have Amber -- Will TravelHave Amber -- Will Travel by Keith Vlasak
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Have Amber -- Will Travel by Keith Vlasak is a 591 paged book that is filled with thrilling and exciting fantasy adventures through the ancient Egyptian underworld. One of the things that surprised me about this book is that it delivered on its promise of being suitable for all ages; while many books say that are good for people of all ages few actually weave a story that would interested people of all ages. One of the aspects of this book that helps to gear it towards younger children is the fact that the ages of the Dylan children are varied for instance Erin is only eight years old during this book. The different ages of the main characters makes it easy for people of different ages to relates to a character and thus allows them to truly enjoy the book. As an adult I found the story-line to be interesting particularly because of my interest in Egyptian mythology and culture.
Have Amber -- Will Travel by Keith Vlasak has characters that are actually fleshed out with their own character flaws and personalities. The five Dylan children were especially well written in my personal opinion. As I read more and more of the book I found myself truly enjoying the personality of Paige the most. I just really felt like I understood her and that I could sympathize with her (probably because I am the oldest sister in my family too). I liked how she was a strong female lead, yet she was not some unapproachable figure, she felt like she also had a softer side hidden beneath her bravo. I feel like almost any reader would find themselves feeling for at least one of the Dylan children due to their different personalities.
Besides the well written characters I also liked how Keith Vlasak wrote the book. Keith Vlasak did not leave any plot holes in his storyline nor did he leave a scene unfinished. Each scene was clearly crafted with care designed to draw a reader in deeper and deeper with each word. While this is a long book I found myself trying to finish it as fast I could just to discover what was going to happen next. Unfortunately real life got in the way and it did take me several days to find out the fate of the Dylan children and the result of their adventure in to the ancient Egyptian underworld.

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