Sunday, April 24, 2016

Super Sized Success: 9 Steps to Maximum Riches in Minimum Time by Linda Zander

Only Fragments of the True Definition of Success have been released throughout the last Century. Leaving behind it a broken path to success. Now, for the first time, in an era of unprecedented challenging times, at a time in history when it is needed the most, Super Sized Success courageously reveals the great missing link - providing you the direct and quickened path to success. The 9 Steps in Super Sized Success come together in a proven formula that—if you use them—gives you the power to achieve maximum riches in minimum time. Super Sized Success’s New World Reality definition of success and precise steps to achieve it make you so mentally, physically, intellectually, financially, and spiritually potent that you become super-naturally driven to excel at the highest levels of human achievement. The time has come—your time is now.

About the Author

Linda Zander, The Success Packager, is the Pioneer of the Maximum Riches Formula (MRFtm). MRF is gaining virtual flash and smart mob popularity rising above the noise of outdated methods and messages of How To become successful. Linda takes people on a quickened journey from Zero to Hero using Truth as their super-natural power to become rich in all areas of their lives and to make the world prosperous once again. SUPER SIZED SUCCESS: 9-Steps to Maximum Riches in Minimum Time unveils Linda's MRF for the very first time. Linda is a serial entrepreneur, self-made millionaire and Founder of Carry the Torch for Truth Campaign.

My Review
Most book focus on mental health, physical health, or financial gain. This is the first book that I read that combined all of these elements together. I have not yet implemented the steps form the book in my life, but I look forward to trying them. It is my hope that these steps will help me to improve my health and my financial situation like it has done fro many others. As a college student studying psychology I can say that many of the principles discussed in this book are psychologically sound. I found it interesting how the three elements come together to create a plan to improve a person's life.  I truly enjoyed the fact that the author kept the book simple and easy to understand their is no doctor jargon in this book! I liked the fact that I did not have to look up the meaning of any words or ideas; everything was clearly explained by the author in a timely manner. I was provided with a free copy of this book for only my honest review.

Editorial Reviews

"A brilliant new formula for achieving success!" 
 Judith Williamson, Director of Education 
 Napoleon Hill World Learning Center

"Linda Zander has taken a bold leap of faith and written a success book that goes beyond the financial aspect of  success to embrace the spiritual aspect in order to achieve super sized success. Linda has walked this spiritual success driven path herself. When I read a book on success, I want to be certain the author has done what she states. Linda is a survivor and a success. Simply put, she knows what it takes! Read and learn from an authentic practitioner. Walk in her footsteps and she will carry you to what your heart and soul desire in life."

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