Saturday, June 4, 2016

Azaleas Don't Bloom Here by Frank T Klus

Azaleas Don't Bloom Here by Frank T Klus
Azaleas Don't Bloom Here: A Dystopian Novel by [Klus, Frank]In a dark and dying world, Eugene Sulke stands on the cusp of his lifelong dream: a promotion, money, and a home in the affluent section of Old Chicago, called the Fortress, where he can watch the sun set over the azaleas. Only one thing stands in his way--his own fear that he is responsible for the terrible conditions his new home would wall him off from.

Caught in a web of intrigue and the warnings of his wife, Eugene could not see the unfolding chaos around him. Suddenly, his wife is dead, he's in prison, and then subjected to the government's final solution--a mind-altering technique that would change anyone from who they are to anyone they want them to be. A rescue is attempted, but Eugene's own fears become his worst enemy..His friends must convince him to go to New America and face the shocking truth about what destroyed his world. 

Frank Thomas Klus was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1949. He was active in politics from the time he was in college and became a shop leader for the United Auto Workers. He received a bachelor's degree in engineering technology from DeVry Technical Institute and an MBA in business management from Western International University. Take the Pilgrim Road is his first book. Frank Klus currently lives in Phoenix, Az.

My Review
Azaleas Don't Bloom Here by Frank T Klus is a Dystopian Novel. The main character Eugene Sulke seems to be in a constant state of confusion for the first part of the book. Everyone around him tells him to not trust certain people and yet he trusts them anyways. This eventually leads to all sorts of consequences and lifestyle changes for Eugene Sulke. Personally I found that naivety and confusion of Eugene Sulke to be a pain. I would have prefered a main character that knew a bit more about everything that was going on around him. I have to say that I would have put the book down after the first part if I was not reading the book for review. However it did get better as the book continued on and Eugene Sulke learned more about what was going on. Overall Azaleas Don't Bloom Here by Frank T Klus is a good read for those who enjoy Dystopian style books and don't mind a naive main character. I was sent a copy of Azaleas Don't Bloom Here by Frank T Klus for free for only my honest and unbiased review.

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