Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Boardwalk Summer

Boardwalk Summer (Berkley Sensation) by [Fisk, Kimberly] 

Inside the Book

Author: Kimberly Fisk
Publisher: Berkley/Penguin
Pages: 352
Genre: Contemporary Romance
In the town of Tranquility Bay, summer is the season of second chances…
Single mother Hope Thompson has built a happy life for herself and her twins in beautiful Tranquility Bay, Washington. She doesn’t dwell on her painful past—especially not on the man who broke her heart all those years ago. But when Hope’s beloved son needs help, she takes a desperate chance and reaches out to her children’s father.
Nick Fortune lives life in the spotlight as a champion race car driver. He’s shocked to hear from Hope and even more surprised to learn that he’s a father. He immediately heads to the Pacific Northwest to confront the past—and the woman he once loved.
There, on the quiet lakeshore, Nick and Hope must work together to save their son—even if it means facing their complicated past—for a second chance as a family.
“It was late. I only meant to take a peek but ended up reading BOARDWALK SUMMER in one delicious gulp, and I’m still thinking about the characters. A terrific read. Page turning and deeply emotional. You’ll fall in love with these characters who have so much at stake. Highly recommended.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips


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Kimberly FiskMeet the Author

A past recipient of Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Golden Heart Award, Kimberly Fisk is the bestselling author of Lake Magic. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three children, and too many four-legged critters to count.
Her latest book is the contemporary romance, Boardwalk Summer.




My Review
Boardwalk Summer by Kimberly Fisk was the book I chose to take with my on my Key West vacation. I figured it would be something of an easy read that I could easily walk away from. I have never been more happy to be proven wrong the book may have been an easy read, but it was a real struggle to put it down. I felt like I could have easily spent half of my vacation in the pages of this book.

The characters had such a realistic feel to them and the romance had an authentic feel. There was none of that Disney love at first sight love. Instead this was the story of a couple who reconnected due to a mother's love for her child. I had nothing, but the deepest respect for Hope Thompson when she made the choice to reach out to Nick Fortune. I really felt for her as she was a single Mom looking to save the life of her child. The fact that she got a second chance to rekindle a wonderful relationship made me so happy for her.

When I finished the book I was left wondering a bit about the grandmother's relationship with her daughter. The book showed that the two did not get along at all, but after I was left wanting to know more about her as a character especially at the end of the book. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I really hope Kimberly Fisk decides to write a sequel!  

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