Thursday, February 10, 2022

Olive and the Valentine's Spell by Helen Millman



Book Details:

Book Title:  Olive and the Valentine's Spell by Helen Millman
CategoryChildren's Fiction (Ages 3-7),  38 pages
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publisher:  Mascot 
Release date:  February 1, 2022
Format available for review:  Print- hardback, ebook (pdf)
Will send print books out:  USA
Tour dates: February 1 to February 14, 2022
Content Rating:  Rated G. Suitable for everyone
Book Description:

​Olive is a sweet elementary school boy who is afraid to go to school on Valentine’s Day. . .because he thinks he’ll have to get married! Olive’s mom joins in his fight to defeat the “princess of love,” but along the way he learns an even bigger lesson, discovering the true meaning of love.

Olive and the Valentine’s Spell is an inspiring children’s book for all ages that shines a humorous light on Valentine’s Day and overcoming your fears.
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Author Helen Millman
Meet the Author:
Children’s author Helen Millman is a loving wife and mom. Her three young boys continually inspire her with their wild adventures and vivid imaginations. They even helped inspire her to write her new book, Olive and the Valentine’s Spell!

While living in Vero Beach, FL, she spends her time writing, reading, singing, and growing through her life’s experiences. She knows the importance of “seeing the bright side of life” and encourages her readers to “choose love, even when it seems impossible”. A friendly, optimist Helen has always loved to read to her own children and remembers how much her imaginative voices really helped bring the stories to life. She invites her readers to gather with a beloved book, for it truly is one of the best places to snuggle, giggle, imagine, and make unforgettable memories - together.

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My Review
Olive and the Valentine's Spell by Helen Millman was a very cute kids book with great pictures! I really liked the Valentine theme of the book as most holiday book s focus on Christmas or Easter so this one was a nice breath of fresh air among holiday genre books.

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