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Title: DIME
Author: Luis Figueredo
Publisher: Speaking Volumes
Pages: 472
Genre: Legal Thriller


Pierce Evangelista, a sharp-witted, Harvard-educated lawyer is drawn into the brutal and violent power struggle between the Venezuelan drug cartel and the DEA. Juan Carlos, who holds crippling information about the cartel, sits in the Curacao Prison awaiting extradition. Pierce realizes that his client’s life only holds value to the DEA if he agrees to cooperate. The cartel won’t allow Juan Carlos to tell the DEA what he knows and plans to kill him before he can be extradited.

Evangelista is forced to rely on his keen instincts and employ unconventional tactics to take on the DEA and the Venezuelan drug cartel to protect the life of his client.

“A Powerful Page Turner!”The BookViral Review

“A powerful and engrossing novel from beginning to end, Dime proves a must-read for discerning fans of the genre and a superb debut for Figueredo. A Remarkable Legal Thriller”Literary Titan

“The strength of Luis Figueredo’s writing is in the ability to create a conflict that allows the characters to evolve as they deal with challenging situations. It is a wonderful read, indeed.” Readers ‘Favorite

Book Information

Release Date: January 17, 2022

Publisher:  Speaking Volumes

Hard Cover: ISBN: 978-1794727571; 556 pages; $10.75

Soft Cover: ISBN: 978-1645406099; 472 pages; $19.95

Kindle eBook: ASIN: B09QMN5LWH; 474 pages; $4.99





Luis Figueredo was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. He completed his undergraduate degree in History from Brandeis University in Massachusetts and earned his law degree from Harvard Law School. He is currently the City Attorney for the City of Doral.

During his legal profession, Luis developed a nationwide practice representing a diverse group of clients that include municipalities, national trade associations, corporations, real estate developers, and Indian Tribes.

His latest book is the legal thriller, DIME.

Connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.

My Review

Dime by Luis Figueredo was a well-written legal thriller book that did not have a dull moment in it. I quite liked Pierce with his sharp wit, but I also came to like his client Juan. I liked the way the author put Pierce against not just the cartel, but also the DEA.

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