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A Reservoir Man by L.J. Ambrosio

 A RESERVOIR MAN by L.J. Ambrosio

A RESERVOIR MAN by L.J. Ambrosio
Book Details:

Book Title:  A Reservoir Man by L.J. Ambrosio
CategoryAdult Fiction (18+), 340 pages
GenreFictionalized Memoir
Publisher: Self-Published, Amazon
Publication Date: May 25, 2022.
Tour dates: Sep 6 to Sep 26
Content Rating: PG-13 +M: There is a few explicit sex scenes, some mentions of sexual abuse, some bad language 

"A Reservoir Man is ultimately a strange literary urchin, a little novel, a little autobiography, a little collection of short stories, a little philosophical essay, a little sociological treatise, a intertextual work. It is certainly a fragmentary and perfectly finished book that closes, with a perfect circularity, from where it started.

"While the hero's journey is significant, the book is full of verve and humour, and the characters drawn with vitality. Whether you've experienced this episode in your life or not, you'll be basking in the summer haze of A Reservoir Man long after you've finished reading it." - review by Bookmarks

"Many of the topics and life concepts that the protagonist, Michael, faced resonated deeply with me....Michael’s journey is interesting and at times deeply moving....The idea of Michael finding and living his truth did touch me deeply....I applaud the author for his innovative and imaginative storyline....I did enjoy Michael’s journey and his telling observations along the way." - review by Grant Leishman, Critic, Reader’s Favorite

Heartfelt, engaging, and thought-provoking, author L.J. Ambrosio’s A Reservoir Man is a must-read coming of age story of 2022. The themes that the author explores, from betrayal and family to secrets and identity, become the perfect backdrop to the protagonist’s story and make the twists and turns in the narrative even more impactful. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!" - review by Anthony Avina, book critic, author

Book Description:

Everywhere Michael turns he sees a Reservoir Man. Michael’s endless trials of survival include sexual assault, The Vietnam War, an arrest in Spain, Hollywood scandal, the AIDS outbreak, 9/11 and beyond.

​If only Michael could find the one thing he values most, freedom. Michael’s coming-of-age is tarnished by many but the courage to live his truth may just keep Michael one step ahead...or will he succumb to the embraces of a Reservoir Man?
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Meet the Author:

Louis J. Ambrosio ran one of the most nurturing bi-coastal talent agencies in Los Angeles and New York. He started his career as a theatrical producer, running two major regional theaters for eight seasons. Ambrosio also distinguished himself as an award-winning film producer and novelist over the course of his impressive career.

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