Saturday, December 5, 2015

For looking like you have been accutally reading outside

Best Organic Sunless Tanning Lotion and Tanner Body Bronzer (Xl Bonus Size 250ml 8.5oz) Instead of Spray Use Our Flawless Tan Formula for Face and Body
I enjoy spending time outside, however due to a family history of skin cancer my family is constantly on me to use sunscreen. Now I have no problem using sunscreen, but I do like to actually get tan. I love sitting outside at my neighborhood's clubhouse with a good book in the sun. However for all the hours I have spent outside my skin was still pale looking. This self tanner has suited my needs wonderfully. I just exfoliate my skin with my sugar scrub then I wash my hands and then apply the tanner to my skin. This self tanner has a nice feel to it, so many of them are thin and watery, but this one actually has substance to it. I have been using this for three days so far and I finally look like I have spent a few hours outside everyday. No more pale skin for me! 
I loved the applicator bottle with is a pump instead of a flip lid. It makes it ease to get just the right amount in my hand so that I don't use too much or too little. I have been very pleased with this self tanner and I would definitely get a second bottle. I was sent this item for free for only my honest and unbiased review of the item.

After the success I with this self tanning product I decided to check out the Thermalabs website. The website has all of the thermalab products as well as a blog with useful information. As someone new to self tanning I found the Self-Tanner Tips: 4 Keys to Perfect Tanning blog article to be very interesting check it out for yourself here: 

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