Friday, October 28, 2016

Bloodmark by Aurora Whittet

Book Description for Bloodmark (Book #1):

Bloodmark (2013)Sixteen-year-old werewolf princess Ashling Boru is different from other wolves--she was able to shift to a wolf at birth. Rather than bringing pride to her family, it brings fear, and she is sent to live in Ireland's secluded countryside. Ashling's reputation is further blackened when she refuses her betrothed, defying the ancient laws. When her pack's oldest rivals begin to hunt her, she finds herself in the small town of York Harbor, Maine, far from everything she's known.

When she crosses paths with dark and rebellious Grey Donavan, something ignites within her soul. There's just one problem: Grey is human. Their instant connection turns into a passionate romance, and Ashling begins to believe she can create her own life outside of wolf laws. When she uncovers long-buried pack secrets that threaten to destroy all she holds dear, Ashling's courage and tenacity are tested. Will she choose her deep and enduring love for Grey or will she follow Old Mother's path to her destiny?

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Author's Bio:

Image result for Aurora WhittetAurora Whittet started out as a wild red-haired girl in Minnesota dreaming up stories for her friends to read. Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love is just the latest in a string of acclaimed works. Her first official writing endeavor became The Bloodmark Saga, featuring a werewolf princess-turned-ruler who falls in love with a human boy. Her first novel in the Bloodmark Saga, Bloodmark, came out in 2013, followed by Bloodrealms in 2014 and the final book Bloodmoon in 2016.

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My Review
Bloodmark by Aurora Whittet is the first book in the Bloodmark Saga. Bloodmark Saga was an amazingly well written supernatural fiction book. Bloodmark by Aurora Whittet follows Sixteen-year-old werewolf princess Ashling Boru as she learns about who she is as a person and as a unique werewolf. My favorite part of the book was when Ashling Boru met Grey Donavan. I loved how she really felt like she could escape wolf laws and her old life and just live how she wanted to. I felt for her when the world she pictured for herself began to crumble. If you enjoyed Twilight, but prefered the werewolves then this is the book and series for you. I was was provided with a copy of this book from the author or publisher.

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