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A Tale of Heroes, Omnibus Edition


Publisher's Summary

A Tale of Heroes, Omnibus Edition contains:

Book one: Of Children and Dragons

DeFrantis is a young human girl living on the streets, trying to eke out a living in the sprawling city, and she has problems. First, after a botched attempt to steal a chicken, she’s on the run. Second, for some reason, someone other than the City Guard is trying to hunt her down. Finally, the poor kids she was trying to feed got sold off to slavers. She has to save them, but first, she has to find them!

Along the way, she gets help from strangers: Antonerri, a soldier turned heretic; Thissraelle, an elven mage girl; Granthurg, the studious giant; and Karendle, a half-dwarf wizard wannabe.

Book two: Of Wizards and Dragons

Thissraelle is a high elf, but she’s lived among the humans of Twynne Rivers her whole life. She ran from her home in the Wizard’s Guild Hall so she could find her heritage in the elvish city of Emberfire. But now an old saint is visiting her dreams and telling her to go find someone he called Heathrax. Her friends want to go back to Twynne Rivers, and her father, the Guildmaster, is trying to bring her home.

All the while, Tonklyn and the dragon Kirraxal are laying a plot to bring the kingdom to its knees, and Thissraelle is trying not to get caught in it!

Book three: Of Dragons and Kings

Deep in the mountains, the heir of an ancient line of dragon kings lurks, gathering his cultish forces and impatiently making his plans. The only thing he’s afraid of is a magical blade that kills dragons.

Eddiwarth’s in love with a girl from a family of strong wizards, but he barely knows how to control his own magical fire. If he can earn his name and prove his worth, maybe they’ll let him marry her. Finding the dagger and stopping the dragons would surely earn him that respect, right?

Tonklyn, the Chancellor to the ascending dragon king, also wants that dagger so he can prove his loyalty and bring all of his plans for power to fruition.

Can Eddiwarth and his friends find the dagger, and can he learn to “be the flame” before the kingdoms of Wynne fall, burning around them.

A Tale of Heroes (Omnibus Edition) by Mark Hansen and Narrated by: Andrew McDermott was a great book and an even better audiobook. I quite enjoyed the fact that this audiobook contained the whole series in one. I really liked DeFrantis and Thissraelle. While I enjoyed all three books, book one was my favorite I just really enjoyed listening to the narrator bring DeFrantis to life for me. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.

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