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Book Details:

​Book Title:  Brotherhood By Fire by Lindy Bell
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+),  445 pages
Genre: General Fiction
Publisher:  Day Agency
Release date:  August 2022
Formats Available for Review: print-softback (USA), and ebook (GIFTED KINDLE, MOBI FILE (FOR KINDLE), EPUB)
Tour dates: Oct 25 to Nov 5, 2022
Content Rating:  PG. There is one use of "hell" and one "oh my god." There are also several instances of kissing and one reference to "they loved each other with abandon" and one reference to "The bed where they'd loved each other so gloriously and so happily."
Book Description:

While passionately in love with his wife Katie, Andy also loves being a firefighter and when he is diagnosed with cancer, his whole world is turned upside down. What seemed so certain only days before, is now an unknown. Andy tries to protect Katie by not telling her, but her fears, and his increasing pain and moodiness only succeed in fueling a growing divide between them.

The fire station and its comradery are Andy’s refuge, but station officer Lt. Mike Bentley wages a vendetta against Andy, only making Andy more determined not to reveal weakness of any kind. In spite of Bentley, the C shift crew rallies to support Andy until events take a downward turn.

Firefighters face a myriad of dangers but invisible dangers can pose the greatest threat of all. Will courage, duty and even love be enough to save Andy from this unseen threat? If the worst should happen, would his greatest legacy be the love of the fire service or his love for his wife? Time can only tell because in the end, the unforeseen might have the greatest impact of all.   
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Author Lindy Bell
Meet the Author:

A project ten years in the making, Brotherhood By Fire is Lindy Bell’s debut novel and avidly reflects her admiration and love of the fire service. Thoroughly researched, the quest for accuracy for the book led Lindy to participate in the Plano Citizens Fire Academy, attend classes and accompany firefighters on ride outs. With a retired fire chief and a current paramedic/firefighter in the family, Lindy has witnessed firsthand the dedication and humbleness of first responders which fueled the impetus to convey the importance of the legendary fire service brotherhood and create cancer awareness and its growing effect on the fire service.

Lindy’s first book, Jane Austen Celebrates~Holidays & Occasions Regency Style, is a showcase Regency Era holidays and their impact on modern holiday celebration traditions. A member of the Jane Austen Society of North America, Lindy has spoken to a variety of groups and taught Continuing and Adult Professional Education courses at Southern Methodist University (SMU). A graduate of Abilene Christian University, Lindy currently lives in Plano, TX and works from home for a governmental executive recruitment and training firm. As hobbies, Lindy enjoys supporting Plano Fire Rescue by volunteering with the Plano Fire Rescue Association, writing, reading an engaging novel and cross stitching.

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My Review

BROTHERHOOD BY FIRE by Lindy Bell was a very well-written fiction book that I had a great time reading. This book was different from any book I had ever read before as not only was the main character a firefighter it focused on the firefighter as a person and not as a part of a crime drama or a murder mystery. I really felt for Andy as he struggled with both his cancer and his choice to keep it a secret from both his wife and his fire station crew. My sympathy and interest in Andy kept me turning page after page as I had to find out how Andy's battle with cancer and his relationships with those close to him would end. It was quite simply an amazing book that I am so very glad I decided to read.  

Note: I would like to apologize to anyone who was left waiting for my review. I had set it to automatically publish as I was away during my review date and it did not publish like it was supposed to. I am very sorry that this happened.

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