Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Dirt Bike Detective by Douglas L. Hoover

The Dirt Bike Detective by Douglas L. Hoover is a fictional young adult mystery novel. The Dirt Bike Detective by Douglas L. Hoover is a novel that will appeal most to an audience of young adults who enjoy a good paranormal mystery book. The Dirt Bike Detective by Douglas L. Hoover follows the perspective of twelve year old Oliver as he works with some of his friends and the new kid to retrieve his grandfather’s pocket watch which was confiscated at Raven Ridge Academy.  Oliver, Chase (the new kid), and a group of friends assemble to get the watch back, but they quickly tumble into more trouble than they ever expected as they are forced to deal with zombies, aliens, ghosts, and even secret agents. Will they ever get Oliver’s grandfather’s pocket watch back?

                Mover over Scooby Do, Sherlock, and Watson and make room for Oliver, Chase, and friends as they so you how a real paranormal mystery is solved. I have to say I was originally skeptical about whether or not Douglas L. Hoover could combine so many different paranormal elements in one book while still having a good plot line and character development, but Douglas L. Hoover really pulled it off. Douglas L. Hoover keeps all of the dialogue realistic for the ages of the children and other characters. I liked how the characters actually acted their own age none of the children acted like adults; instead they all acted like the children that they actually were. The plot line moves at a steady pace for the entire novel and there are a few twists and turns that kept me interested.

           "Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite"

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