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Bloodrealms by Aurora Whittet

Book Description for Bloodrealms (Book #2):
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Werewolf princess Ashling Boru's eighteenth birthday is only a year away, which means that she only has twelve months before she is claimed and fulfills her prophecy to unite the packs and lead her people. Her father decrees that her four suitors must fight in the Bloodrealms, the werewolves' ancient underground fighting world, and the winner will have King Boru's choice to win Ashling's hand. The wolf laws are rigid and barbaric, and Ashling's illicit love for Grey, if discovered, will mean his death. But when Ashling and Grey get trapped in the blood-soaked depths of the Bloodrealms, they find ancient horrors far greater than Ashling's father's rule.

With betrayal around every corner and old nemeses set to destroy Ashling, she is more divided than ever between the destiny she didn't choose and the love that she did. To make matters worse, her decision will not only set the course of her future, but the future of her entire race.

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Author's Bio:

Image result for Bloodmark (Book #1)Aurora Whittet started out as a wild red-haired girl in Minnesota dreaming up stories for her friends to read. Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love is just the latest in a string of acclaimed works. Her first official writing endeavor became The Bloodmark Saga, featuring a werewolf princess-turned-ruler who falls in love with a human boy. Her first novel in the Bloodmark Saga, Bloodmark, came out in 2013, followed by Bloodrealms in 2014 and the final book Bloodmoon in 2016.

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My Review
WOW! I thought Bloodmark by Aurora Whittet was amazing and I did not think anything could top it, yet Bloodrealms by Aurora Whittet was just as amazing if not more so. I found Bloodrealms by Aurora Whittet to have a bit more focus on Ashling Boru’s relationship with Grey and I found her to be a bit more mature in this book, but that makes sense because she is almost 18 in Ashling Boru’s and in the last book she was 16. I liked the fact the Ashling is growing as a character as the series continues it makes me feel like I actually know her and understand her as a person. I also liked the bits of horror mix in it has an element of suspense and an edge of horror/fear to the book. I was given this book for free from the author or publisher.

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