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The Perfect Tear by Connie Lansberg

The Perfect Tear by Connie LansbergBook Details:

Book TitleThe Perfect Tear by Connie Lansberg
Category: YA fiction,   324 pages
Genre:  Fairytale / Fantasy
PublisherRockit Press
Release dateDec 15, 2015
Available for review in:  ebook (mobi, ePub)
Tour dates:  Oct 31 to Nov 25, 2016
Content Rating:  G (This book is family friendly)

Book Description:

Eleanor, a timid orphan, has no clue to her real purpose, but she also has no desire to become a subservient old maid, like the miserable nuns she is forced to with. Eleanor believes Edward, whom she loves, will save her from being forced to take vows. She knows Mother Superior has no intention of letting her leave–her songs are the only thing keeping the grey mist at bay. Her devastation is complete when she discovers Edward is a prince and heir to the throne, but it is the impetus she needs to leave the safety of the abbey and go in search of her long lost father.

She doesn’t get far before discovering her true destiny. With only her instincts to protect her, she must match wits with a powerful being intent on the destruction of her world. If she does not find The Perfect Tear and release its healing power into the land, she will become an accomplice in the destruction of all she loves.

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PictureMeet the Author:

Connie Lansberg is a singer/songwriter, scriptwriter and now author with the publication of her first book The Perfect Tear. Connie studied script writing at AFTR and has had songs placed in major Australian TV series. She has just complete an album of songs connected to the book and will be performing these live at her weekly jazz gig in Melbourne.

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1. What are three of the most important things you believe an author should do before their book is released?

The first is to find the most brutal editor you can and thank your lucky stars if you find one. Proof read! My publisher told me she had proofed the book and I immediately found a mistake on page one. After that, I took it into my own hands using text to speech on my computer and in 120 hours and three passes I had an error free book. It is astounding what the human eye will fill in.

2. What’s your opinion on giving your book away to sell other copies of your book?

I’d give everybody in the world a free e- book if I could. I really want my movie to get made and that will only happen with the readers help.

3. Did you write your book, then revise or revise as you went?

I am definitely a revise as you go kind of girl. Because I do a beat sheet for every movie and every book, I know where I’m going. I’m more interested in whether I chose the right word and whether I’ve been clear. I tend to start each day by reading what I wrote then see how much further I can get. Of course, there were times the story took off by itself. That’s the most fun.

4. What do you do when you’re having writer’s block to “shake” it off?

I never really have what I consider writer’s block. I’m pretty certain it’s all there, ready to come out, but if I come to a really hard bit and I know my brain is tired, I stop. There’s no point in going on. I start again in the next day.

5. What do you find fascinating about the fantasy genre?
I’m so old fashioned. I love language. I don’t cope well with slang and hipness. I also meditate a lot and things come to me. There is no other genre in which to write these things. Sometimes I think it’s almost like spiritual science fiction. I was writing in a round about way, about string theory and I didn’t even realize it. I have a deep instinct about music and it’s real purpose. So of course, I have to call it fantasy.

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