Tuesday, November 29, 2016

David Travels to the Past

David Travels to the Past by María José Mosquera Beceiro and Gonzalo Martínez de Antoñana Book Details:

Book Title:  David Travels to the Past by María José Mosquera Beceiro and Gonzalo Martínez de Antoñana 
Category:   Middle-grade Nonfiction,  72 pages
GenreEducative graphic novel
Publisher:  Saure
Release date:   August 2016
Available for review in: print and ebook (ePub) 
Will send print booksUSA, UK and Australia only (2 copies for Canada)
Tour dates:  Nov 14 to Dec 2, 2016
Content Rating:  G (Graphic novel written by educational experts.)

Book Description:

David is a young and restless apprentice painter who wants to know everything about painting. His intelligent teacher, the Master Messina, invents a way of transporting David through time to prehistory. They go there looking for the origins of art, but once they are there nothing will be as they thought.

In a second adventure they travel towards the unknown art of Mesopotamia. This time they won´t go alone. The sympathetic and intelligent Angela will travel to the past with them bringing her particular point of view.

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PicturePictureMeet the Author and Illustrator:

María José is a teacher. She won international illustrations awards.
Gonzalo has a degree in art history. He works in museums and as a tourist guide.

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My Review
David Travels to the Past by María José Mosquera Beceiro and Gonzalo Martínez de Antoñana is a graphic novel about David, his painting Master, and his Master's niece's hypnotic journey through time to learn about painting and art.
The illustrations were masterfully done in a cartoon like style that would appeal to children. However some of the illustrations have hunters killing animals and being killed by animals; nothing is too graphic, but there is blood. This might make the book unsuitable for young children. Most of the story is told in speech bubble form along side the illustrations.
The story take place in two major time periods during the time of cave men and Mesopotamia times. The two time periods each have their own story and are some what separate from each other in that they each have their own section.
 “I received a free copy (or ARC) from the publisher (or author). No review, positive or otherwise, was required—all opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you for your review. Prehistoric times and Mesopotamia are worth being discovered. A great travel to the past for children.