Saturday, March 11, 2017

Cassia by Lanette Kauten

Cassia by Lanette Kauten follows reporter Tanya Falgoust in Deep Ellum as she works hard to achieve her dream of acceptance in the underground arts district. Tanya Falgoust might live among those who call the underground art district home, but that does not mean they accept her as one of them. Her dream of acceptance may become a reality when she meets a performance artist, with a hidden past, who only goes by Cassia. When the two get together sparks fly and it is not long until they find themselves romantically entangled, yet the question remains who is Casais?

Cassia by Lanette Kauten is a well-written novel that includes elements of romance, mystery, and suspense in its plot. It is clear that Lanette Kauten spent a lot of time and effort in writing this novel with its well-developed characters, masterfully described settings, and beautifully turbulent romance. My favorite character by far was Cassia; I just love her air of mystery and the secrets that caused her to desire to hide who she really is. While Cassia is my favorite character, my favorite moment in the book would have to be where Tanya realizes that she should have taken her friends warning about Cassia seriously. This was my favorite part because I felt like Lanette Kauten put real emotion into it as I could really understand and sympathize with Tanyas feelings. Overall, I really enjoyed reading Cassia and I hope that Lanette Kauten decides to write a sequel!

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