Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Starting Over on Blackberry Lane

Starting Over on Blackberry Lane

Time for a Change—or Three! 
Stefanie Stahl has a husband with renovation ADD. He can't seem to finish anything he starts and her house is littered with his "projects." If he doesn't smarten up, she swears she's going to murder him and bury him under the pile of scrounged lumber in the backyard.  
Her friend Griffin James is suddenly single and thinking maybe she needs to sell her fixer-upper and follow her career bliss up the ladder of success, even if that scary ladder is clear across the country. Getting her place ready to sell proves harder than she originally thought. She needs help.  
She's not the only one. Cass Wilkes, their neighbor, has an empty nest—with a leaking roof. When her ceiling crashes in, she knows it's time to do something. When Grant Masters offers his handyman services at a fund-raiser auction, the three women go in together to outbid the competition and win their man. (Cass's friends think she should win Grant in a different way, too!) Now it's time to make some improvements…in their houses and their lives.

My Review
Starting Over on Blackberry Lane was an enjoyable read I have to say out of the tree main female characters Stefanie Stahl was my favorite because her husband reminded me a lot of my own father who is always willing to agree to do a home project, but then the supplies just sort of sit around for a while until he either would decide to it or my mother would step in a steal the project. So I can understand her felling about just wanting a project to be finished with in a reasonable amount of time. The book itself was really well written and I liked how the three women teamed up to outbid others in order to fix up their homes and their lives.

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