Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mystery at Manatee Key

Mystery at Manatee Key (Bella and Britt Beach Series Book 3) by [Stewart, Nancy]Bella and Britt discover a manatee smuggling ring at Manatee Key. The manatees have already been netted, so the girls must act fast! But a kidnapper snatches Bella, hustling her into their hideout, where the ranger is held, too. Now it’s up to Britt. But what can one girl do? 
Suggested age range for readers: 7-10

My Review
Mystery at Manatee Key was an adorable children's book that is about Bella and Britt discovering a manatee smuggling ring at Manatee Key. The book has adorable pictures with a real story line. I personally believe the book would be best for those in elementary school as elementary aged children should be able to read and understand the book and plot easily. Overall, it is a very nice book and it teaches about the how animal smuggling is wrong.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely review of my book, Mystery at Manatee Key. Much appreciated!