Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Silk: The Complete Trilogy by Daryl-Jarod

From the vivid imagination of Daryl-Jarod, comes the long-awaited collection of the Amazon Best-Selling erotic series, Silk. Included are all 24 original jaw-dropping erotic stories, along with the brand-new tale, Pink Fortress, which reveals just how outrageously wild things become when an Uber driver falls for a sultry passenger. Sit back, relax, grab a lover and unwind, as Daryl-Jarod takes you on a wild erotic ride filled with unfaithful lovers, lustful thrills and the truly astounding power of romance and love. Caution! Erotica just got hotter!


Daryl-Jarod is an author, recording artist, and actor, who was bit by the writing bug at an early age. He aspires to give fans something unique and fresh with each piece of work he crafts. Daryl resides in Southern California, where he is hard at work on various literary and music projects. Visit him online at

My Review
Silk: The Complete Trilogy by Daryl-Jarod is an erotic novel that explores the sexual relationships and exploits of the characters in graphic detail. This is not a romance with some explicit content, but instead explicit content with some romance throw into the mix to keep things hot. The author does a good job in creating a clear picture in the reader's mind though I thought he took the descriptive language a bit to far with some of the things he used to describe his character's bodies. I just thought some of them were just a bit to out there to actually be realistic in a scene. Overall, I would have to say the author is definitely good at writing in this genre.

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