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Conch Shell Confessions

Inside the Book

Author: Dax Marie
Publisher: Author House
Pages: 202
Genre: Memoir
This is a book about love: hunting it, chasing it, losing it, tripping, and falling into it.
And yes, it’s a book about sex: hunting it, chasing it, losing it, tripping from it, and falling onto…ahem…it.
But more than anything, it’s a book about self-discovery, navigating the learning curve of adulting, and learning the kind of tough lessons that only come when you have to pick yourself off the floor, block a guy’s phone number (for the second time), and clean some curious stains off your dress.
I dove headfirst into love and sex, and for better or worse, they have taught me that sometimes you just need to try the world on for size to really understand what it is you want and learn who you are. So here’s my experience in the world of men.


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Meet the Author

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Dax Marie was five or so, when the man that she would otherwise call, “father” gave Dax her issues. What’s the medical terminology for that? Oh, Daddy Issues! For nearly the whole of her life she has tried to deny this grave medical condition and up until about seven years ago, she was doing alright. By no means was she swimming through the world with ease, but she did like aight (that’s hood talk for alright).
It was not until sometime in high school when she discovered her self-diagnosed condition. Sigmund Freud (you may have heard of him, he’s like a coke-head genius) told Dax (in a text book) that she has Penis Envy. Poor thing, she was absolutely flabbergasted!
“Me, Dax Marie? Associated with male genitalia?” She thought to herself.
So, it was then and there, her junior year of high school that she knew what
she was destined for…MEN.
Dax’s latest book is the memoir, Conch Shell Confessions.



My Review

I thought that Conch Shell Confessions was going to be a romance type book so I found myself rather surprised when I read it as it was more of a memoir of the author's experiences with Love and Sex. I was a bit put off my how frank that author was with some of the content, but at the same time I ended up feeling like I had to keep reading to know how it all ended.

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