Wednesday, October 21, 2020

My Lions' Den


Inside the Book

My Lions Den

Author: E.M. Power
Publisher: Spotlight on Souls Publishing Group
Pages: 95
Genre: Nonfiction Autobiographical / Religious


This is my personal story of my trial with Domestic Abuse.  This book was not intended to sensationalize Domestic Abuse.  It is not to portray my abuser in a bad light or as an enemy.  Abuse has no prejudices.  Abuse may occur no matter a person’s religion, non-religion, race, economic income level, profession, culture, gender, or age.  Abuse may happen at any time and to anyone.  Yes, that means you too.  If you think you would never be the victim of abuse, you risk being gravely mistaken (pun intended).  Domestic Abuse may take place within any relationship type.  There is no formula, medicine, vaccine, proven theory, amount of therapy, answer or cure.  The abuser is not always someone that had ever been a victim themselves.  The abuser is not always someone that has witnessed violence or abuse.  By sharing my personal story, I hope to give you a better understanding of abuse in order to prevent this life trial to be your story too.


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Meet The Author

E.M. Power

E. M. (Eva Marie) Power, was born and lived for the first nine-years of her life on the Island of Guam.  She was adopted at birth and raised by a single Guamanian woman, Alfonsina Manyanona Duenas from the Southern Village of Talofofo, Guam.  E. M. (Eva Marie) Power moved stateside to Southern California at the age of nine and it is where she currently resides.  She is the mother of six children and the grandmother of four.  Just like she describes in this book, if ever in a Lions’ Den (life trial) she will always choose Faith! 






My Review

So first off My Lions' Den is a book that should only be read by adults or very mature young adults due to the content. That aside I found the book to be an interesting read from a psychological perspective. As a graduate psychology student I have read about abuse before, but the articles and case studies talk about the emotional impact, but in a very clinical fashion. The way the author talked about it felt much more real and in turn helped me to understand more about abuse.

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