Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Blind Pony


Inside the Book

Blind Pony

Author: Samantha Hart
Publisher: Wild Bill Publishing
Pages: 359
Genre: Biography/Autobiography/Memoir


In her debut memoir, entrepreneur and Hollywood executive Samantha Hart reveals the abuses and traumas that she overcame to build a creative, successful, and love-filled life. BLIND PONY As True A Story As I Can Tell (Wild Bill Publishing) was released on March 15, 2021, and is a 2021 Los Angeles Book Festival award winner.

BLIND PONY As True A Story As I Can Tell illuminates Sam’s remarkable ability to be honest and vulnerable about horrific experiences while infusing her unique brand of humor and being relentlessly hopeful. Her story starts with a heart-wrenching childhood of abuse that she endured by her grandfather, which led to her life as a runaway teen and landed her in 1970s Los Angeles. She navigates various abusive relationships, toxic Hollywood characters, a search for her father, “Wild Bill,” and ultimately finds her North Star.

“Almost no one in my life, including long-time friends and colleagues, knew about the trauma I experienced as a young girl. I always managed to overcome adversity throughout my life, maintain a positive outlook, and do well for myself. But deep inside, I felt damaged. In telling my story now and hearing from readers, I realize there are a lot of “blind ponies” out there. If my story resonates for even one person and helps to provide some hope for healing, it was worth writing,” says Sam.

Sam is currently working on adapting BLIND PONY As True A Story As I Can Tell for TV/film while writing her next book, a novel entitled Starcrossed, and a collection of drawings and stories called When I Was A Muse.


“Unforgettable and raw, Hart’s deeply honest musings will ring true to those who want to understand what it’s like to walk through fire.” Book Life

“…a memoir about overcoming—about facing up to and learning from one’s past without being imprisoned by it.” IndieReader

“A powerful coming of age story about finding strength through rebellion, recovery, and forgiveness.”

Jill Watts, bestselling author/Professor of Graduate Studies at CSU

“Hart is a gifted storyteller….she became a backgammon hustler in Los Angeles, something readers likely won’t find in many memoirs.” Kirkus Reviews

“Excellent writing…I recommend this book to simply everyone.” Dog-Eared Publishing


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Meet The Author

Samantha Hart

Samantha Hart’s career has spanned music, film, and advertising, earning her a reputation as an award-winning Creative Director. Early in her career, Hart worked with top artists at Geffen, including Cher, Aerosmith, Nirvana, and Guns N’ Roses. In the film industry, her marketing campaigns brought prominence and Academy Awards to FargoDead Man Walking, and Boys Don’t Cry while earning cult status for independent features Four Weddings and A FuneralPriscilla Queen of the Desert, and Dazed and Confused. With her partner, Samantha built a multi-million dollar company in the advertising industry, Foundation, with over forty employees and offices in Chicago and Los Angeles. Under her leadership, Foundation earned distinction as an early disrupter of the traditional production and post-production models, combining the two under one roof. Samantha currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, director James Lipetzky, and their teenage sons. Her daughter and granddaughters reside in Massachusetts.



*****My Review*****

Blind Pony was a wakeup call for what life can be like for Hollywood executive and for people who lived in the 1970s in Los Angeles. Samantha Hart's story is filled with emotional impacts that kept hitting me one after the other as I really felt for her and what she went through. Yet, it is also a inspiration story of healing. 

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