Monday, July 26, 2021


 The Bronze Leopard

Author: David Tindell
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 263
Genre: Thriller


September 1989: The Berlin Wall is about to fall. East Germany is on the brink of collapse, but a rogue GDR Army officer isn’t going down without a fight. He’s been leading a rebel group in Tanzania, seeking to restore the German colony his grandfather fought for seventy years before. That dream is smashed when U.S. Special Forces troops commanded by the White Vixen, Jo Ann Geary, lead Tanzanian forces in a lightning raid that captures the Bronze Leopard himself. Geary and her second in command decide to stay in country and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, unaware that the Leopard has escaped Tanzanian custody. With the help of East German mercenaries, he sets out to gain his revenge upon the adversary who destroyed his group and who poses the biggest future threat to the mercs. Pursued to the top of Africa, outgunned and weakened by the extreme altitude, the White Vixen faces the fight of her life against a desperate foe in one of the harshest environments on the planet. Book 3 of the White Vixen series.


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Meet The Author

David Tindell


Born in Germany and raised in southern Wisconsin, David Tindell embarked on a 20-year career in broadcasting before transitioning to the U.S. government and resuming the writing career he’d started in college at UW-Platteville. Today he lives up in the northwestern corner of the state, in a log home on a lake with his wife Sue, a Yorkie and a Siamese. After retiring from government work, Tindell returned to radio, but the writing never stops. Tindell also is a martial artist with black belts in taekwondo and ryukudo kobojutsu, a scuba diver, and world traveler.





My Review

THE BRONZE LEOPARD was a great read! I really loved that it did not take place in the USA as it gave me a change to become interested in another country as the author talked up the various landscapes and locations. I really loved the descriptions of  Mt. Kilimanjaro and I would love to see the mountain myself some day! 

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