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THE ONLY WAY HOME by Jeanette Minniti

 THE ONLY WAY HOME by Jeanette Minniti

Book Details:

Book Title:  The Only Way Home by Jeanette Minniti
Category: Adult Fiction (18 +) , 242 pages
Genre: Historical Fiction, Adventure, Coming of Age
Publisher:  Penning Press
Release date:   4/1/2021
Content Rating: PG + M. My book is rated PG+M for a brief attempted rape scene. The main character, male, is laying down in a field on a ranch, with his eyes closed. A male worker comes up to him and turns him over but before anything more can happen someone saves him. One other scene where Tucker is accosted by someone with a knife briefly...but is then saved by Robert. Robert yells out "Bastard" to them and the accosted man with the knife said “bastard” knife. 

Book Description:

Desperate times. Danger on the rails. A journey to save a family.

It is 1933 inside a sweltering courtroom in Macon, Georgia. Fifteen-year-old Robert sits on a bench awaiting sentencing after being picked up for vagrancy and spending a night in jail. He left his home in Illinois with a neighborhood friend to ride the rails and find work to help their families. The friend turned back, too afraid to face the perils ahead. But going back empty-handed isn’t an option for Robert.

THE ONLY WAY HOME is the story of one boy’s determination to survive loss and hardship to help his family — and how fate and a violin touch the course of his life.

Fans of Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens and Sold On a Monday by Kristina Morris will love this story set during the Great Depression of a fatherless boy fighting to keep his family together.​.​
​​Meet the Author:

​As a member of the American Association of University Women, she coordinates the Foreign Policy Association's Great Decisions discussion group and participates in several AAUW interest groups. 

Jeanette and her husband enjoy all that Colorado renders in outdoor activities including hiking and biking.
connect with the author:  website  ~  facebook   ~  goodreads​​

My Review
THE ONLY WAY HOME by Jeanette Minniti was a great Historical Fiction, Adventure, Coming of Age book. I enjoyed how the author stayed true to the time period while also creating a story that was both interesting and realistic. I enjoyed following Robert on his journey. Overall, it was a great read written by a clearly talented author!

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