Friday, August 12, 2016

Mentors and Monsters by Mary Alderete

Mentors and Monsters by Mary Alderete is a fiction book in the horror genre. Mentors and Monsters by Mary Alderete is a book who will appeal most to a horror loving audience of adults who enjoy sitting at the edge of their seats as the wait for the next horror to occur. Mentors and Monsters by Mary Alderete follows Dylan a human who works at an accounting firm that is desperate for advancement and the demon known as Han who is a soul eater. Dylan’s desire for advancement caused him to sell his soul off to the demon known as Han. However Dylan’s time is coming to an end as time moves forward and with each second his soul comes closer and closer to being devoured. In a desperate attempt to save his soul Dylan enters a new and dangerous bargain where for each soul Dylan manages to get sold he gets more time with his own Soul.  

                Move over Abaddon, Crowley, Meg, and Yellow Eyes there is a new demon in town who goes by Han.  Mentors and Monsters by Mary Alderete reminded me a bit of the Supernatural TV show with how Han bargains for souls much like the demons in Supernatural do. I enjoyed the moral dilemma of the book with how the only way for Dylan to save his own life was to convince his coworkers to enter the same disastrous bargain the he himself regrets. My favorite part of Mentors and Monsters by Mary Alderete is the part where Han and Dylan compete to see who can get a person to sell their soul the fastest. I really enjoyed the dynamic of the final game as there was so much left on the line for both the human and the demon. While I found Han terrifying at times I also really enjoyed the demon as a character. I found Mentors and Monsters by Mary Alderete to be well written with particularly well thought out dialogue between the characters.

"Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite"

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