Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Shaman in Kensington Square

A Shaman in Kensington Square

A Shaman In Kensington Square by [Lewis, Alba]
What happens when a young man from Peru comes to camp in Kensington Square gardens looking for a plant?

This is a story about a mouse, an eagle, a shaman, Sarah who’s run away to London from her husband leaving her children, Janet who’s been loyally married to Roger for decades and wants to stand by her husband but has fallen for the charms of a much younger man, and Doug who frequents back room bars whilst holding down a important job. But all their lives change as the energy of the shaman comes to stir things up

My Review
A Shaman in Kensington Square was an interesting book in that it had a plot that I had never seen before. The book was a bit slow for my person tastes at the beginning, but I stuck with it and I found that as the Shaman became more involved the pace of the book sped up. I have to say that I am glad I decided to keep reading as this was a unique experience for me in that the book did not really seem to fit in any one genre perfectly instead it seemed to be an intriguing mix of multiple genres and concepts. 

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