Monday, February 13, 2017

The Twilight Tsunami

The Twilight Tsunami
The Twilight Tsunami by [Heath, Shelby Londyn]
Grey is a hard-hitting social worker who removes babies and children from dangerous, drugged parents, violent homes, and families joined with criminal gangs. He is unstoppable until a new social worker enters his department. She is hungry for power and position, as she challenges Grey in dramatic and unexpected ways. Attempt to combat his rival’s malice, Grey begins to unravel. He spirals into a shadowy self, fighting to keep functional within the turmoil of his co-worker’s cruel actions. He realizes she has destroyed other lives and will stop at nothing to be master of her own design, as she tries to destroy his.

My Review
The Twilight Tsunami was a well written book and the author did an amazing job with the use of descriptive language. However at the same time I found this book to be extremely heart breaking and it brought me to tears and not in a good way. I have been considering social work as an occupation and this book has made me scared about the environment I would be working in and all the things that I might have to fact. Now I do know that this book is fictional, but after speaking with some actual social workers apparently some of the situations from the book have happened in real life.

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