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Paul the Apostle : A Graphic Novel

Paul the Apostle : A Graphic Novel

Experience the biblically based account of Paul the Apostle in a COMIC BOOK format kids LOVE! Paul’s life story, told to us in the Book of Acts, is filled with bravery, adventure, miracles, faith, and salvation, yet many people are not aware of Paul’s amazing life.  In Paul the Apostle: A Graphic Novel, we have made the action packed Bible story of Paul more accessible for kids of all ages, using a visual language they love and understand: science fiction COMIC BOOKS!  Our 144-page full color graphic novel (a fancy term for a really long comic book) uses awesome looking cartoon creatures, set in an action packed futuristic science-fiction universe.  Kids LOVE it!  And parents do too!

My Review

Paul the Apostle : A Graphic Novel was an interesting book in that it tried to take a biblical event and make it into an adventure comic with animals without losing its realistic importance. I personally found the graphic elements to be very well done each comic picture was done with great detail and the speaking blurbs were done small enough to not overpower the comic while still being big enough to read.

However I feel like Paul the Apostle : A Graphic Novel failed at making this book seem to be biblical based in reality. I feel like it went to far in try to be "cool" and this caused it to go way to far into fiction. It did talk about God a lot so it does still have grounding in reality, but I think that children would likely put it down to pure fiction unless they have a serious discussion with a parent before reading it.



Before Paul started following Jesus, he was known as Saul of Tarsus. He was a young Jewish Pharisee who was passionate about God and his Jewish faith. Saul saw the revolutionary movement of Jesus as a dangerous threat to Judaism.


Soon after Saul miraculously met Jesus on the road to Damascus, he began using his Roman name which was Paul. Paul fearlessly took the Good News of Christ Jesus across the Roman Empire, starting new churches everywhere he went.


Barnabas was one of the first Christians in Jerusalem to approach Paul after he became a Christian. He was a close friend of Paul and traveled with him on many missionary trips to spread the Good News of Christ Jesus.


Luke was a doctor and writer who wrote the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts. He traveled with Paul on many missionary journeys and would visit Paul while he was imprisoned in Rome.


Gamaliel was a leading authority in Jewish Sanhedrin. He was the mentor of young Saul. Gamaliel tried to persuade the Jewish leaders to show mercy to the early Christians, but failed to prevent the stoning of Stephen.


Timothy met Paul during his second missionary journey and they became faithful friends. Paul mentored Timothy as he grew to become an important member of the early Church.


Stephen is considered the first Christian martyr. After being charged with blasphemy by the Jewish Sanhedrin, Stephen was taken outside and stoned to death. He faced his death praying to God for the forgiveness of his killers.


Peter was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. He was a faithful follower of Jesus throughout HIS life and became one of the leaders of the Early Church after His death. Peter was one of the first Christian leaders to accept Paul.

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