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Port in a Desert Storm

Port in a Desert Storm

Port in a Desert Storm: A Lee Thomas Novel (Spy Dreams Book 4) by [Fugate, Tom]July of 1990. The world is once again a dangerous place. The powder keg that is the middle east is once again ready to explode. The small oil rich country of Kuwait has been invaded by the forces of the Saddam Hussein, the dictator of Iraq. The world is on the brink of war as a coalition is formed and preparations are made. Lee Thomas is once again right in the middle of the situation even before it starts. Sometimes your dreams can turn out to be nightmares, or even worse they can turn out to be reality. From Washington, DC to MI6 Headquarters in London England and then to the hotbed of the Middle East Lee is once again a witness and participant to history.

About the Author
Tom FugateBorn in 1956 and raised in Southwestern Virginia, Tom Fugate became an avid reader soon after learning to read. While reading espionage (James Bond and others), science fiction and anything else he could get his hands on his imagination led him to daydream about the characters and situations he read in those books. He began to write his first espionage novel while in high school in Gate City, Virginia. No copies of this manuscript exist, which Tom says is probably a good thing. 

The character of Lee Thomas came into being while he was a student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (better known to most people as Virginia Tech). He completed his first manuscript in the mid 1980's on a typewriter. This novel was called "Spy Dreams" and was published late in 2013. "Sand Trap" is a second novel about Lee Thomas who is the protagonist of "Spy Dreams". ""Cigarettes for Two" is in the middle of the drug wars of the mid 1980's. The newest novel is "Port in a Desert Storm" which takes place just before and during the first Gulf War.There are at least two more of this series planned. Current working titles are "unFriendly Persuasion" and "Freelance".

My Review
Port in a Desert Storm by Tom Fugate begins in July 1990 where the world is a dangerous place to be with the middle east becoming a powder keg. Kuwait is a small country that is rich in oil; this richness leads to it being invaded by the forces of the Saddam Hussein. This invasion is just one of a series of events that puts the world on the edge of war and Lee Thomas is right in the middle of everything.

I personally found Port in a Desert Storm by Tom Fugate to be an enjoyable read that held my interest from the first to last page of the book. I like how the book had a realistic feel to it. I also liked the fact that I was able to read it as a stand alone novel without too much confusion. I find that the book has intrigued me and that I have become interested in seeking out the previous books in the Spy Dreams series.

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