Friday, April 7, 2017

Red-tailed Hawk by Nancy Schoellkopf

Red-tailed Hawk is a coming of age story, the tale of a young woman's quest to discover the source of her own longing and to understand the
​mystical legacy of her family.
Red-tailed Hawk by Nancy Schoellkopf

Nancy Schoellkopf
About the Author:

​Nancy Schoellkopf is the author of Yellow-billed Magpie, the first in her Easter Family series. Nancy has been telling stories and writing poems for many lifetimes. It goes without saying that she'd need a second income, so this time around she has happily taught amazing children in special education classes in two urban school districts in Sacramento, California. A full time writer now, she enjoys lavishing attention on her cats, her garden, and her intriguing circle of family and friends.

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My Review
Red-tailed Hawk by Nancy Schoellkopf was a well written coming of age story that was in a single word magical.  Mariah Easter was my favorite character in the book as she was a strong female character who was willing to create her own life path and to take the road less traveled. I greatly enjoyed reading about her as she grew and developed as a character. 
The author truly crafted an amazingly well written story that truly inspired me. I am so glad that I took the time to read it and I look forward to reading Yellow-billed Magpie by Nancy Schoellkopf.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my book on your blog! I'm so happy you enjoyed it and found it inspiring. Many blessings!