Monday, April 17, 2017

Title: THE INVESTMENT CLUB Author: Doug Cooper

Author: Doug Cooper
Publisher: Rare Bird Books
Pages: 362
Genre: Literary/Upmarket Fiction
Forty million people visit Vegas every year but most never get past the strip. What about the people who live there? What brought them there? What keeps them there?
Told from the perspective of a seasoned blackjack dealer, The Investment Club tells the stories of a self-destructive, dwarf entrepreneur, a drug-addicted musical performer-turned-stripper, a retired, widowed New Jersey policeman, a bereaved, divorced female sportscaster, and a card-counting, former Catholic priest before and after their fateful meeting at the El Cortez Casino in downtown Vegas.
As the five learn the greatest return comes from investing in one another, their lives stabilize and take on new, positive directions. But their love and support for each other can take them only so far before they must determine the meaning and value of their own lives.


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Doug Cooper
Doug Cooper is the author of the award-winning novel Outside In and The Investment Club available October 2016. He has a BS in Mathematics Education from Miami University and a MA in American Studies from Saint Louis University. Always searching, he has traveled to over twenty countries on five continents, exploring the contradictions between what we believe and how we act in the pursuit of truth, beauty, and love. Originally from Port Clinton, Ohio, he has also called Cleveland, St. Louis, Detroit, New York, and Oslo, Norway home. He now lives in Cleveland working on his third novel Focus Lost.



My Review
The Investment Club by Doug Cooper was a well written fiction novel. I personally found that I greatly enjoyed Dough Cooper's style of writing. He wrote the book with the perfect voice to draw a read in with questions like why do people visit Vegas and what brings them there, and what keeps them there. Overall, I found the book to be very different from other works of fiction that I have enjoyed because it seemed like parts of it were real and could answer real questions. The decision on the perspective of writing was genius as having the blackjack dealer as the main perspective really gave a full over view of many different events. My only regret is that the book did not have a very fast pace, but it made up for that with how it pulled me in.

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