Monday, August 7, 2017

Bite Thy Neighbor by Esmae Browder

Bite Thy Neighbor by [Browder, Esmae]Some neighbors suck...literally.

Quirky Maisy Harker spends her time daydreaming about her sexy husband, Jensen Helsing. Though their marriage is one of convenience, Maisy wishes the sparks of heat she feels around him were reciprocated. Sexually starved, she also lusts after her mysterious neighbor, Adam. True, his incisors do look a bit sharp, and he never seems to drink or eat anything—but hey, maybe that’s how he keeps that yummy, drool-worthy physique! 

Yet Maisy knows something’s not quite right, and it isn’t long before she learns Adam is a centuries-old vampire embroiled in a gypsy curse placed on the women of her family. All her female ancestors have been drawn to the vampire and bound by his desires, experiencing a terrible side effect of the curse and resulting in death. 

It's up to Maisy to find a way to break the curse once and for all before she, too, falls under his spell.

Esmae BrowderBiography

Vodka lover. Chocolate craver. Writer of erotic, paranormal romance. Esmae Browder loves to sip a cocktail, snuggle up with her husband, and read the many books in her ever growing pile of romance novels. She is the author of the steamy novel, Bite Thy Neighbor--a steamy Desperate Housewives meets Dracula tale. Visit her webpage to sign up for her newsletter.

My Review
Bite Thy Neighbor by Esmae Browder was a well-written romance novel that kept my attention and interest from the first page to the last page. Maisy was an interesting character with how she was married out of convenience and was interested in some one else, yet unsure of what she truly wanted. One of the main reasons I really enjoyed the book was the vampire elements that made the romance so much more interesting!

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