Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The New American Heart Association Cookbook

Here is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to improve cardiac health and lose weight, offering 800 recipes--100 all new, 150 refreshed--that cut saturated fat and cholesterol. The American Heart Association's cornerstone cookbook has sold more than three million copies and it's now fully updated and expanded to reflect the association's latest guidelines as well as current tastes, with a fresh focus on quick and easy. This invaluable, one-stop-shopping resource -- including updated heart-health information, strategies and tips for meal planning, shopping, and cooking healthfully -- by the most recognized and respected name in heart health is certain to become a staple in American kitchens.

The recipes themselves are well written, but there are no pictures of any of the recipes. The book is organized into section by appetizers, snack, entrees, and so on with each section having a table of contents page. The recipes are written in columns with there be two columns per page. Some of the recipes go on to the next page because of a bad layout design. A Good book that really needs a better layout, design, and visual elements

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