Monday, December 3, 2018

Ryan's Math Adventure 2: Basics of Addition and Subtraction

Ryan's Math Adventure 2: Basics of Addition and Subtraction. Enjoy & Practice Numbers and Math Foundation by Providing Your Children with Fun, Educational, and Playful Fantasy Cartoon. For Ages...

Product Details
How can someone learn math through a fantasy comic book story? Learn more about Ryan's Math Adventure and find out.
Ryan, Aris, and Sir Walter travel to the local library in order to find any information they can on the Book of Light, but they turn up nothing.
Fortunately, they hear about a man named Lohas who might be able to help them.
Who is Lohas, and where is he? Can Ryan defeat the monster bats to find the answers he needs?
1. Reunion with Gilly
①Understanding Addition (1)
②Understanding Addition (2)
2. Dangerous Larva Monsters
③Understanding Subtraction (1)
④Understanding Subtraction (2)
⑤Adding and Subtracting 0
3. Suspicious Guy
⑥Understanding the Commutative Law of Addition
⑦Number Pairs of 10 (1)
⑧Number Pairs of 10 (2)
⑨Adding (Tens)+(Ones)
⑩Adding Three Numbers (The Associative Law)
⑪Calculating (Ones)+(Ones)=(Tens)
4. Yoyo and Magic Wand
⑫Calculating (Tens) - (Ones)
⑬Subtracting Three Numbers
⑭ Adding and Subtracting Three Numbers
⑮Calculating (Tens) - (Ones)=(Ones)
The Ryan's Math Adventure series provides a complimentary alternative to traditional math textbooks.
Instead of just telling a child who dislikes math, "study harder," try out Ryan's Math Adventure.
Through this fantasy comic book story, kids can study math in a more positive and fun way.
Children start by simply learning how to count numbers, and as the Ryan's Math Adventure series continues,
it covers all elementary level math concepts within the 40 book series.
My Review

Ryan's Math Adventure 2: Basics of Addition was a well written book that did a great job of combing an adventure story and addition together in one book that makes math fun and interesting. This book was so much better than a math textbook and it should be a part of the school curriculum.  I received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for only my honest and unbiased review, all opinions, thoughts, and views are strictly my own and not influenced by this fact.

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