Monday, December 3, 2018

Ryan's Math Adventure Prologue: The Beginning of the Journey

Ryan's Math Adventure Prologue: The Beginning of the Journey. Enjoy Numbers and Math Foundation by Providing Your Children with Fun, Educational, and Playful Fantasy Cartoon. For Ages 6-10.

Product Details
What if kids can learn math with a fantasy comic book? Learn more about Ryan's Math Adventure.

One day, a book took Ryan who loves adventures to the land of Mass.
The evil Pesia has used magic to erase math from Mass. Ryan meets the princess Aris, Captain Walter, Gilly, Pabel, and Numi.
Soon after, robots begin to rampage through a small town.
What will happen to Ryan?

Instead of letting your kids who dislike math study hard, let them enjoy math with Ryan's Math Adventure.

đź“–The story connects math concepts with real-world applications, and the workbook allows to easily comprehend mathematics.
đź“–Improves reading habits, reasoning ability, and even fundamental learning skills as students go about the problem-solving process.

đź“–Children learn about friendship and the power of positivity, as they develop confidence in their problem-solving skills. Combined these skills encourage kids to cultivate their dreams and visions for a better future.
My Review

Ryan's Math Adventure Prologue: The Beginning of the Journey is the very first book in the series and it sets the tone and plot for the rest of the series. The book had a nice introduction section that showed all of the characters. I received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for only my honest and unbiased review, all opinions, thoughts, and views are strictly my own and not influenced by this fact.

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