Sunday, July 17, 2016

ArcPoint Traveller (Book one) by John Wozniak

ArcPoint Traveller (Book one) by John Wozniak is a Christian Fiction book that is well written with a unique story line that is set mainly in the Mojave desert during the 23rd century. The story follows Arcon, a member of a community of people who have been living in seclusion since the early 21st century, as he tries to escape the community and find love. The other main character of the story is Elaina a woman who helps rescue lost travelers and who assists Arcon in his escape attempt. The story is broken up with flashbacks into the 21st century when the facility and the community were set up as well as the reasons behind the creation of the community. ArcPoint Traveller (Book one) by John Wozniak would be of interest to those who enjoy love stories, dangerous escapes, and Christian literature.  

                Move over Tarzan there is a new tree climber in the jungle! Arcon was by far my favorite character; he has this sort of na├»ve nature and a determined belief that there is more in the world for him then a community with a declining population. The ArcPoint Traveller (Book one) by John Wozniak switches between multiple character perspectives to allow the reader to know how the story is progressing for each character. John Wozniak includes the perspectives of the main characters, Arcon and Elaina, as well as the perspectives of some characters from the 21st century (flashbacks). The way that John Wozniak wrote about the community made it truly seem like its own ideal world in the past and like a beautiful prison during the present day. At the end of the book I was left feeling a sense of excitement that the ArcPoint Traveller was only book one; meaning there will be a next installment!
Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite

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