Friday, July 22, 2016

Firebrand by Sarah MacTavish

Firebrand by Sarah MacTavish is a well written young adult historical fiction novels set in 1860. 1860 was a year where slavery was still a part of the American culture. Firebrand by Sarah MacTavish follows two main characters; one that lives in the North and one that lives in the South. The perspectives of Saoirse Callahan and Westleigh Kavanagh provide an interesting contrast to each other. Saoirse Callahan sets her life on a different path when she begins to investigate dangerous fires that have been being started in the areas surrounding her home, not realizing the amount of danger she is putting herself and her family in. Westleigh Kavanagh is an abolitionist who has to make the decision between telling his father, the sheriff, that their boarder is an escaped slave or to keep the secret.

Mover over Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter and make room for Firebrand by Sarah MacTavish; a much more interesting read that is actually historically accurate. Firebrand by Sarah MacTavish is a book that I would have enjoyed reading during the portion of history class that studies slavery in America during the 1800’s. Firebrand by Sarah MacTavish really pulled me in and kept me interested while also inspiring to want to learn more about that period of history. My favorite aspect of Firebrand by Sarah MacTavish was the fact that the book would switch between the two perspectives and it allowed me to understand how different thing were between those that lived in the North and the South during the 1800’s.

Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers Favorites 

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