Thursday, July 14, 2016

Beyond the Blood by Gaetano Brown

Beyond the Blood: Do you Believe in Fiction?

Beyond the Blood by Gaetano Brown is an exceptionally well written novel with an ingenious plotline. Beyond the Blood will appeal to those who enjoy works on the concept of immortality.  Lucius Freeman is an author who desires success so that he pleases both his wife and his father in law. Mara is Lucius Freeman’s wife and a woman who has become disenchanted with her life as the wife on an unsuccessful author.  Lucius and Mara’s lives are altered forever when Gloria, a fan of Lucius’s writing, gives him the gift/curse of immortality. Beyond the Blood by Gaetano Brown makes both Lucius and the reader truly question whether immortality is a gift or a curse and whether mortality is more desirable then immortality.

Move over Twilight and make room for Beyond the Blood; there are new vampires in the world! Gaetano Brown has created brand new approach to vampires as he creates a world in Beyond the Blood where vampires are a part of the world and have their own immortal lives which require them to drink the blood of others. The story in Beyond the Blood takes place mostly in Utica, New York and Gaetano Brown truly does a wondrous job of making the setting and the vampires realistic. Gaetano Brown clearly spent a lot of time considering her characters, their dialogues, personalities, and the inevitable conclusion of Beyond the Blood. The amount of detail Gaetano Brown put into his vampires really blew me away it was like he truly created a different species of people.  My favorite quote in Beyond the Blood was told to Gloria by a complete stranger the quote reads: “while we might spend years in nothing but utter loneliness, in the end, we find a way to get what we want.” This quote really spoke to me and I found that it also really described the premise of Beyond the Blood by Gaetano Brown perfectly. 
Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite

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