Monday, July 11, 2016

Blood Matter by M. V. Ghiorghi


Blood Matter by M. V. Ghiorghi is a well written novel that follows FBI Agent Joe Vasquez, also known as the hound, on a relentless hunt for a sadistic serial killer known only as Viper. Viper is a serial killer whose victims do not all fall into one type. Blood Matter by M. V. Ghiorghi will appeal to those who enjoy shows like Criminal Minds and The Following. Joe (the hound) is an agent out not just for justice, but also for revenge for the death of his partner. Joe’s only lead is the brilliant and beautiful profiler, Dr. Gabrielle Lubovich, who also happens to be on Viper’s kill list.

M. V. Ghiorghi has succeeded in writing a novel with a serial killer that is terrifying, captivating, and mystifying. Ghiorghi did an amazing job in creating truly realistic character; Joe, Viper, and Gabrielle were particularly well written. I enjoyed the way that Blood Matter moved at a consistently fast pace without losing any of the softer elements that made me come to care for some of the characters. Blood Matter is a story that offers the reader all the pieces to the puzzle and yet withholds the vital connecting piece until the very end. That one piece is what truly makes Blood Matter come to an unpredictable and yet satisfying conclusion. After finishing Blood Matter I was left reeling from the surprising ending and hoping that Ghiorghi would decide to write a sequel to Blood Matter.
Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite

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