Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Herbal Lore a Guide to Herbal Medicine by K.J. Simmill

Herbal Lore a Guide to Herbal Medicine by K.J. Simmill is a unique book on the applications of herbs in medicine and magic. This book will appeal to those with an interest in herbal medicine as well as those who are intrigued by how herbs are used in magical practices. K.J. Simmill has also written easy to follow instructions on how create encompassing creams, herbal bags, incense, salves, tinctures, and poultices for personal medical uses. Comprehensive background information on the herbs and practices allow the reader to full understand the rich history of herbal lore as well as the practical uses of herbs in the modern world. Herbal Lore a Guide to Herbal Medicine is organized in a manner that makes it simple for the reader to locate the section and page to refer to in order to find the information that they are seeking.

Doctors, nurses, and traditional medical practitioners make room for a whole new generation of witches, wiccans, herbalists, and individuals interested in herbal magic and medicine! K.J. Simmill wrote a complete herbal lore guide that is both informative and interesting. K.J. gives a breakdown of the medical and magical uses of each herb, but does not promise results as different people have different reactions to herbs and remedies. It is clear that K.J. is a person that is passionate about herbs and that she did extensive research on herbal lore before publishing Herbal Lore a Guide to Herbal Medicine. I only wish that she had decided to include pictures of the herbs as it would have made it easier to identify the herbs on sight. I found the section on making rubs/salves to be interesting as the recipe could be customized to fit my personal needs depending on the situation I needed the rub/salve for. I am very excited to try out the herbal remedies in this book and I have become inspired to try herbal magic as well.
Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite

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