Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Mysterious Cheng, End of Day’s Male Lead

The Mysterious Cheng, End of Day’s Male Lead

Before I talk about Cheng, I’d just like to point out that the real male lead in End of Day has always been – and will always be – Bravo the bomb dog. And now that I’ve stated that, let’s talk about Cheng!

Cheng is a handsome, Asian boy with the skills of a samurai warrior. His past is mysterious, and his humor is a bit dry. I originally had planned to have Cheng play a very different role than who he is in the novella today. However, Elle and the story took over. It became apparent to me that Cheng’s role would have to change. I’m glad it did. I think his development, as well as his relationship with Elle, turned out extremely well – and I think it’s very realistic.

My wish was that Elle would never become dependent on anyone for survival. I especially did not want her to fall in love with a boy, and suddenly become infatuated with the idea of romance. Whether or not she has a romantic relationship with Cheng, I can’t say. But I can guarantee that no matter what happens, Elle’s strong nature is never compromised, and neither is Bravo’s.

I’m excited to share Cheng with my readers, especially because this book will tie into the Collapse Series in a very surprising way!

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